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At We’re in the Rockies, we believe in preservation and donate a portion of the proceeds of your purchase to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society to ensure access and enjoyment to future generations.

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A Flexible

We provide a detailed itinerary for five days, with additional options for a sixth day. You can rearrange days as needed to fit your plans.

A Step-by-Step
Game Plan

You can’t fail with our easy-to-follow instructions. We include destinations, arrival times, and many maps and images to keep you on course. We’ll help you with parking and the best ways to get around Banff!

Canadian Rocky
Mountain High

We’ll get you to the best views - the most popular and some hidden gems - to enjoy the towering Canadian Rockies.

The Great
White North

Drive the Icefields Parkway with confidence, knowing you’ll see the best of this glacier-filled valley, one of the most scenic drives in the world!


Dine at the BEST places in Banff with our restaurant guide. We tell you when to eat out when to pack a picnic for those times when you’re venturing away from civilization.

Castles in
the Rockies

We’ll show you how to enjoy Banff’s majestic chateaus, even if you aren’t staying in one of them!

We used our guide last week during a trip with our daughter’s family. The 28-page guide provided more and better information than we received from the Travel Company we had used to “plan” our trip. We would certainly order your guide for any other trip we might take out West. Thanks for your efforts and expertise.

Edouard & Claire (Desrochers)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! If you’re visiting for fewer days, just pick the days that interest you most — we provide a suggested priority order as well. If you have 5 or 6 days to visit, follow the itinerary in the order presented. Our itinerary is designed for the vast majority of people who are entering Banff from Calgary. 

No problem! Each day works as a stand-alone day, so simply reorder the days as needed.

We design our itineraries for first-time visitors — those who want to see the best of an area. We don’t want you “missing out” on famous attractions! But we also place a high value on variety. So we might have a day where you do a hike in the morning and a boat ride in the evening; or a historical site and then a gondola ride. We consider many different things when designing each day.

Our itineraries are extremely detailed. If we tell you to do a scenic drive, we will tell you where to stop for the best views and, when necessary, give you some historical background. If we tell you to go to a popular location, we will cover parking tips. For hikes we include accessibility, terrain, and elevation gain.

Yes! Our philosophy is that it’s better to over-plan and cut things out on the fly than it is to have extra time and try to plan something on the fly. We efficiently group together many activities in our itineraries because we don’t ever want you wondering what to do next. But you can easily cut things out and adjust it to meet your needs. We have both worked with the elderly and disabled. Though we often suggest day hikes, we try hard to make the itinerary accessibility-friendly.

The itinerary and audio guide are available immediately upon purchase, right on this webpage. You will also receive an email within 30 minutes with download links in case you need to revisit the links and download the items later. If you don’t receive your email, check your junk mail folder. If it’s not there, contact and we’ll be in touch with you within 1 business day. 

Since the download is a PDF file, you can do it on any device: computer, iPhone, Android, tablet, etc.

Reach out to us at We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to help. We’re even happy to jump on a phone call with you, if needed.

Anyone who wants to get a good overall feel of Banff and see the most famous sights, with some lesser-known sites as well. We travel with our children and with our retired parents. We are aware of the needs of multiple generations and we strive to provide variety that fits all ages.

Yes! Though our itinerary is designed for the vast majority of tourists who visit in the summer, Banff is open in the Winter and the itinerary still works! We cover what you need to know about the winter in the itinerary, including to check for closure of some roads and activities.

Yes!! Although we update our guides as needed, the concepts on how to view each park are meant to be timeless. We encourage you to purchase the guide as soon as you know you will be traveling. It will help you determine which areas to stay and how many days to obtain lodging. Upon purchase, you’ll be guided to create an account on our website. If we update the guide, it will automatically show in your account up to 18 months after purchase.

Because we think that’s how many days you need to see Banff properly.

No, you do not have to set up an account. But we encourage you to create an account when purchasing the guides because you’ll have access to the links at any time.

You will have access to the updated guide through your account (another reason to create an account) for up to 18 months. 

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