Best Recreational Gear

There is some major fun to be had in the outdoors. Whether you choose to rent or purchase your own gear, make sure you have the right equipment to experience an area the way it’s meant to be experienced. Here are my top picks


SUP is an abbreviation for stand up paddle board. Paddleboards come in different sizes and materials. I love to paddleboard even though I don’t personally own one. Paddleboarding is so relaxing. You can sit, stand, kneel, or take a nap while gliding across the scenic lakes nature has to offer. The problem is that at 10-11 feet long, they are so big and bulky that I didn’t want to store it in my garage. Plus, you need a truck to transport it! I’ve rented a few of them and have finally found the one I want to purchase.

The Serenlife Inflatable SUP found on Amazon. What an incredible invention! It comes in a backpack that includes a pump, collapsible paddle, and some other minor gear you may need. I really had my doubts about being able to stand up on something inflatable this model is fantastic.

Last time I was at String Lake, I saw inflatable paddleboards everywhere. I asked someone a few questions about his and I was sold. He said inflatable SUPs are so easy to blow up and are much more comfortable than the typical plastic ones and are very resistant to popping.

I promise once you get to String Lake, Jackson Lake, or actually any of the lakes at Grand Teton or anywhere else there is water, you are going to want one of these. I had SUP envy last time I went and I’m not going back without one.


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