Besides our channel and website, there are some other incredible resources out there to help you plan your trip. Matt is always looking at maps and we both think that doing a pre-cation (really learning about the area before we visit) really ads to the trip.


When you enter either of the parks, they will give you a pretty nice map at no additional charge. They’ll also give you a newspaper that talks about the things going on that year. Read both of them. The have some great information. Cell phones in general get poor reception in both parks (really bad in Yellowstone) so don’t rely on your GPS.

You may want to buy a detailed map by National Geographic (YellowstoneGrand Teton, or both) so you have the luxury of looking at it before your travel.

Travel Books

Even though my trip research go-to is YouTube, travel books still serve an important purpose. They have great photos, organization, maps, and information about local attractions and animals. They don’t require Wi-Fi and you can usually just check a couple out at the library. Moon Yellowstone to Glacier National Park Road Trip has some great details and information including:

Interesting Reads

Death in Yellowstone– from geysers to grizzlies, this book goes into the tragic ways people have died in Yellowstone as a cautionary tale with some high entertainment value.