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At We’re in the Rockies, we believe in preservation and donate a portion of the proceeds of your purchase to the Grand Teton National Park Foundation to ensure access and enjoyment for future generations.

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A Flexible Itinerary

Our itinerary works if you’re visiting Grand Teton for one, two, three, or four days (and even longer). You can re-order days as needed to fit your plans.

A Step-By-Step Game Plan.

You can’t fail with our easy to follow instructions including destinations, arrival times and over 40 images and maps to keep you on course.

See More. Drive Less.

Our plan provides an efficient way to see the park, hitting places at the right times in the right order.

Rockies & Bullwinkle

We help you see the best views of the Teton mountain range, and help you arrive at the best wildlife-viewing spots at the right times to increase your chances of seeing moose, bison, antelope, and bears.

Lose yourself in the Tetons, not in the crowds.

We have strategies to help you enjoy more wildlife and scenery and spend less time looking for a parking spot.

Your first stop on your Grand Teton tour.

Our guide eliminates months of planning and costs a fraction of what a tour costs.

The itineraries were well done and efficient. The maps were very helpful in my day planning. I like how they broke it down into days, with themes which I really liked. WE LOVED THE AUDIO GUIDES!! They're not too long, not too short. They were perfectly placed during the days. Great spark for the day! Great reading voice, super cool historical stories. The audio guides were a 10 our of 10 in our opinion! In summary, we are BIG FANS.
Michael M
From Texas

Our itinerary also includes an AUDIO TOUR!

Listen While You Drive.

Listen to stories while you drive. The itinerary tells you when to listen to the audio tour.

Like Having Your Own Private Tour Guide.

Our Grand Teton audio guide has over 3 hours of stories and information about Grand Teton, as told by Matt, a history professor.

Grand Teton 101, without the homework.

Listen while you drive. Learn about famous bears, how the elk were saved, and the 50 year fight for the Jackson Hole Valley.

What Makes Us Different.

Most audio guides give you a few tidbits. We focus on the most fascinating stories about the park.

What's Included In Your Purchase?


Audio Guide

Lodging &
Camping Guide

Complete Grand Teton Bundle


Visiting Yellowstone or Glacier National Park as well?

Buy two guides and get 10% off your order; buy three guides and get 20% off your order!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Each day is independent of other days so if you are visiting less days, just select the days that sound the most interesting. You can also adjust the days to the order that would best fit your schedule. 

Our guide designates which sights are a must and which sights are nice to do. If you have more time or are staying extra days, you can do it all.  

We also include suggestions for other things to do outside the park. You can easily use this guide for a week-long trip to the Tetons.

The itinerary and audio guide are available immediately upon purchase, right on this webpage. You will also receive an email within 30 minutes with download links in case you need to revisit the links and download the items later. If you don’t receive your email, check your junk mail folder. If it’s not there, contact and we’ll be in touch with you within 1 business day.

Our guide is compatible with Apple and Android, but the download process is slightly different. Detailed instructions for Apple and Android are included with purchase.

Reach out to us at We’ll reach out to you within 1 business day

Anyone who wants to get a good overall feel of Grand Teton and see the most famous sights.  Grand Teton is very accessible so even those with physical disabilities will be able to enjoy the park. Our itinerary describes the mileage and terrain of each stop.

  • You will need to save the .mp3 files to your phone or tablet.  When you purchase the guide, it will come with instructions showing you how to save the files to your device.
  • You will need a way to listen to them while driving, such as:
    • bluetooth connection
    • cable connection
    • earbuds or wireless ear pods

 Our guide isn’t really designed for the winter, although you could certainly get ideas of things to do, and learn a lot about the park from the audio guide.  Grand Teton is open in the winter, but a lot of roads and hikes are closed.  

Yes!! Although we update our guides as needed, the concepts how to view each park are meant to be timeless. We encourage you to purchase the guide as soon as you know you will be traveling. It will help you determine which areas to stay and how many days to obtain lodging. As you approach leaving for your trip, you are welcome to email us to see if there is a more current version of the guide and we would be happy to send a link for a download, free of charge.

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  1. I recently bought your guides to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. I want to say thank you for the help. The guides were great to guide our activities and we got as much as we could from both parks, in large part because of the guides. But the biggest thank you comes in the help you gave with keeping our kids entertained. Those audio files you provided are amazing. I have never seen my kids so engaged while riding in the vehicle. Always some sort of bickering here and there…lol. But this time around, the only bickering was for me to hand my phone over so they could play the files. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Needless to say, entertaining and very educational. I will definitely be coming back when we visit another park.

  2. We purchased your guides for Grand Teton and Yellowstone along with Audio stories. My husband and I really enjoyed them! The guides took the stress out of planning our adventures and the audios entertained us. We ended up going to Glacier also on the same roadtrip on a whim and were definitely missing the audio and guide. Thanks for all you do to make traveling easier and more interesting for us!

  3. My husband Dave will be turning 50 in August & Montana was his 50th state. We took three weeks June 16th-July 6th and hit Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Grand Teton National Park. We found your channel while we were researching the trip and purchased your guides and Audio tours. We enjoyed the history and stories as we listened and drove through the parks. The pdf files were so helpful in planning for each park and our days went smoothly. We adjusted as needed. We shared your channel and website with several people along the way. We had the most epic road trip from Texas to Montana and back home to the heat of Texas. We traveled 5,240 miles in 20 days! Thanks for what you do!

    Dave and Stephanie Weinberg
    San Angelo, Texas.

  4. Having recently returned from a road trip out West that included the Grand Teton and Yellowstone NPs, we wanted to be sure to thank you. We felt extremely well prepared and well informed having utilized your guides and videos. We saw animals galore and jaw-dropping sights; and never felt hurried, never had to struggle with crowds or parking, and were dressed and accessorized like pros.
    While we used your recommendations within the itinerary, we were also able to make adjustments readily and easily that best fit our needs largely due to the advice and information from your guides. We even added a few activities based on your recommendations.
    Additionally, we ended up listening to every single one of your audio guides. My kids (ages 14 and 10) quickly started requesting “the park guy” as we traveled through the parks.
    Our trip would not nearly have been as successful without your guidance. Thank you for your part in making our family road trip one we will never forget!

  5. Our Grand Teton adventure begins in three weeks and we are SO excited! We were lucky enough to secure a reservation within the park for three full days (not including travel days) in our travel trailer. We are not only interested in seeing all the splendor of the park itself, but we also want to visit the town of Jackson – and your guide provides all the information we need to do that. And thank you for mentioning the hootenanny. That sounds like so much fun after a day of exploring. I will update this review after we return. Thank you for your videos and your guides!

Grand Teton Package

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SAVE money with this bundle!

Like having your OWN PRIVATE TOUR GUIDE — for a fraction of the cost!

Let a history professor (me) take you on a tour of Grand Teton!

See THE BEST of Grand Teton!

LEARN about the park!


8 reviews for Grand Teton Package

  1. Amy Schoonover (verified owner)

    This helped me so much when planning our Grand Teton trip. I love the audio guides. They really supplement the material. I would buy all my guides from We’re in the Rockies.

  2. Jess Phillips (verified owner)

    It was our first time going to the Tetons and we had no idea where to go. We used this guide the whole time and it took us to all the best places to see. The audio guide was awesome and we loved listening to it while we drove around the park.

  3. Edouard & Claire (Desrochers)

    We used our Grand Teton guide last week during a trip with our daughter’s family. The 28-page guide provided more and better information than we received from the Travel Company we had used to “plan” our trip. The audio guides provided a lot of interesting additional information as well. Loved getting some of the historical background. We would certainly order your guide for any other trip we might take out West. Thanks for your efforts and expertise.

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