The Complete Guide To Visiting The Crazy Horse Memorial In South Dakota

crazy horse light show

Mount Rushmore is impressive, but do you know what else is just as impressive and is 4 times as large?  The Crazy Horse Monument!  Located in Custer, South Dakota, the Crazy Horse Memorial is the world’s largest mountain carving.  The elevation of the mountain is 6532 feet above sea level and is the 27th highest […]

How To Do The Confusing Black Elk Peak Hike In Custer, South Dakota

If you are visiting the “Great Faces, Great Places,” state of South Dakota then carve out a few extra hours to hike up to the top of popular Black Elk Peak! Black Elk Peak is the tallest point in South Dakota. It is roughly a 7-mile hike from start to finish.  The top of the […]

Walking to the top of Crazy Horse: my experience and tips for the Volksmarch

Crazy Horse Monument

If you’re visiting Mount Rushmore you’ve probably heard about the other huge carving in the Black Hills: Crazy Horse. Did you know that you can walk to the top of the Crazy Horse Memorial? The Crazy Horse Memorial’s Volksmarch is a bi-annual event in which anyone can walk to the face of the Crazy Horse […]

The 1880 Train in South Dakota: Should you ride it? (Honest Review)

All aboard! The 1880 Train in the beautiful black hills of South Dakota is a popular and iconic attraction that sells out during the peak season of summer. After taking my own trip, it wasn’t hard to see why. The 1880 Train is an authentically restored Steam engine train, transporting you back in time as […]

Mt Moriah Cemetery (South Dakota): How to visit & helpful tips

I know visiting a cemetery might sound like an odd attraction but Mount Moriah is rich with history and will surprise you as you walk along the graves of some of the Wild West’s most notable legends! Mount Moriah Cemetery is one of the most visited attractions in Deadwood, South Dakota, so keep reading for […]

The best places to eat in each city of the Black Hills

A good vacation includes good food! If you’re visiting the Black Hills, you’re in luck, because there are many great restaurants to eat! There are MANY good places to eat all over the Black Hills; you’re never far away from good food. Custer seems to have most of the popular restaurants, but the most popular […]