Should You Visit The Reptile Gardens In Rapid City South Dakota?

Front of reptile gardens

If you are driving down the highway on your way to Mount Rushmore and you see the giant dome, crowded parking lot, and huge sign for the Reptile Gardens you may wonder, should I pull off the highway and stop? Reptile Gardens, yay or nay?  Definitely, yay! Whether you hate reptiles or love them, you […]

Is Badlands National Park Worth Visiting? (Your Quick Guide to the Park)


If you’re visiting Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, you may be wondering whether nearby Badlands National Park is worth visiting.  I wouldn’t plan an entire trip out to South Dakota just for the Badlands, but I would certainly include it on my itinerary when I travel to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. It’s […]

Is Wall Drug In South Dakota Worth Visiting?

Wall Drug

If you’ve driven along I-90 near the Badlands of South Dakota you may have seen countless signs advertising Wall Drug and wondered if you should stop and check it out. Is the coffee really 5 cents? Is the ice water really free? Is it worth stopping? The simple answer is yes. To all of the […]

Does Mount Rushmore Have A Campground? (Best Campgrounds When Visiting)

Picture of Mount Rushmore

If you’re visiting Mount Rushmore soon, you may be wondering, “Does Mount Rushmore have a campground?” No, Mount Rushmore does not have a campground, but it has plenty of places to camp nearby, including public and private campgrounds, RV parks, and glamping places. In this article, I’ll highlight some of the best-rated campgrounds near Mount […]

Mount Rushmore & Black Hills Trip Planner

Mount Rushmore

We’re here to help you visit the Black Hills. Planning a trip to a GIANT place like the Black Hills can be daunting. There are 6 national park sights, Custer State Park, and hundreds of tourist attractions. In this video, we tell you the most important things to know as you plan your trip. Resources

The 7 WEIRDEST Attractions In The Black Hills!

Chainsaw carving of Smokey the Bear Black Hills

The Black Hills have some sneaky fun places to visit. We share with you our top 7 places to see while you’re on your trip to the West, including Wall Drug & Reptile Gardens. Added bonus…a couple of them are free!! Here is what we cover: Resources

5 Great Places Everyone Should Visit 

Theodore Roosevelt

In this recording of a live presentation, we talk about the five places everyone should visit and how they are related in some way or another to Theodore Roosevelt. Resources

Mount Rushmore Evening Lighting Ceremony: My Personal Experience And Helpful Tips

Mount Rushmore lit up in the evening

Mount Rushmore’s nightly lighting ceremony is a breathtakingly patriotic event that takes place all summer long at this national memorial site in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The nightly lighting of Mount Rushmore isn’t just a quick flip of a switch, illuminating the four presidents that sit atop the Mountain.  It’s a presentation and […]

15 Unforgettable Things To Do In Rapid City, South Dakota

Sign in Rapid City South Dakota

Visiting the Rushmore state can seem one-dimensional.  The first time I came to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore I thought that was the only thing there was to do.  I quickly found out how wrong I was! Since moving here, I’m constantly discovering more and more. Just 33 miles from Keystone is Rapid City, […]