Arches: Nature’s Playful Side

Your Arches National Park Itinerary

Most travelers spend hours or days trying to figure out the most popular sites and hidden gems to visit. We create detailed itineraries that give you a step-by-step game plan so you can get to the best places at the right times and have a trip your family will remember forever!

Arches looks like a giant baby had some fun with play-doh. It’s a collection of dispersed formations, including several arches. The most famous is Delicate Arch, which has become a symbol of Utah. But there are many other fun formations: Balanced Rock, the Three Gossips, Park Avenue, the Windows, and Dark Angel, to name a few. Drive the wonderfully scenic drive, and make sure to get out on one of many delightful hikes to see more arches! 

Map showing areas of Arches National Park


  • Courthouse Towers. Quirky and fun formations, including Park Avenue, serving as an introduction to Arches.
  • The Windows. A wonderful section of the park with 5 arches, including fabulous Double Arch. 
  • Delicate Arch. The most famous arch in the world and a symbol for the state of Utah.
  • Fiery Furnace. An unforgettable maze of red rock walls and arches (permit only).
  • Devils Garden. Go arch-hunting in this unique area filled with tons of variety.
  • Klondike Bluffs. An absolute hidden gem, containing Tower Arch and Marching Men formations.
  • Moab. Outdoor adventure town that is inseparable from Arches National Park.
  • Canyonlands. Located nearby and a must-see stop to add on to your Arches visit!




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