Canyonlands: The Edge of Forever

Your Canyonlands National Park Itinerary

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Canyonlands is the least visited national park in Utah and is overshadowed by its neighbor, Arches. Similar to the Grand Canyon, its defining feature is to stand on the edge of a sheer cliff and look into forever. It’s not as deep as the Grand Canyon, but it’s much wider. John Wesley Powell first explored this area on a river raft, overshadowed by his more famous trip through the Grand Canyon. Poor Canyonlands, always playing second fiddle. 


Canyonlands has four sections:

  • Island in the Sky. It’s close to Moab and Arches and is the most visited section with the most iconic Grand Canyon-like views.
  • The Needles. The bottom of the canyons, with wonderful hikes and interesting variety.
  • Horseshoe Canyon & The Maze. Backcountry destinations requiring off-roading and hiking.


Map of the Island in the Sky area of Canyonlands

Island in the Sky

  • Upheaval Dome. Mysterious formation known as “Utah’s Belly Button.”
  • Shafer Road. Winding drive through the canyon.
  • Dead Horse Point. Nearby state park with views of the Colorado River.
Map of sites in the Needles Canyonlands

The Needles

  • Chesler Park. A 10-mile jaunt through the Needle formations.
  • Pothole Point. Short and flat hike over rock indentations, with views of the Needles.




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