Grand Teton: America’s Matterhorn

Your Grand Teton Itinerary

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Though it’s often an add-on to a Yellowstone vacation, Grand Teton has every bit of the variety, scenery, and wildlife that Yellowstone has. The Three Tetons dominate the skyline from anywhere in the Jackson Hole valley. Sitting below Grand Teton Peak is Jenny Lake, the crown jewel of the national park. Float along the Snake River, watch an unforgettable sunrise, and look for massive moose wandering through the valley.


  • Jenny Lake. The crown jewel of Grand Teton; take a boat ride across the lake and hike to Inspiration Point.
  • Jackson. Where Old West meets upscale, this is a love-it-or-hate-it town.  
  • Mormon Row. Historic district with photo ops and possible wildlife sightings.
  • Granite Hot Springs. Get away from the crowds with these hot springs in the mountains.
  • Colter Bay. Jackson Lake boating access, lodging, camping, and dining.
  • Teton Village. Take the gondola to the top for spectacular views of Jackson Hole.
  • Dubois. A lesser-visited version of Jackson, the Military Vehicle Museum is a must-visit!
  • Snake River. The Snake River is the lifeblood of the valley; a scenic float or whitewater raft along the river is a must!
Map of Grand Teton

Visit Grand Teton’s Most Popular Spot with Confidence with Our Complete Guide to Jenny Lake

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