3 things to do at Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park

Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park

Mormon Row is a historic district within Grand Teton National Park. It was settled by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the late 1800s. It is unique in that it was a community of settlers (as was common with the Church of Jesus Christ), rather than individual and dispersed homesteads, as is found in other areas of the park.

Here are 3 things to do if you visit.

Walk among the historic buildings

There are multiple buildings and barns in the area to walk around. You’ll find interpretive displays to teach you about the stories behind the buildings.

The road leading to Mormon Row is paved, but Mormon Row itself is located on a dirt road.

Take that famous photo

Moulton Barn is the most famous building in Mormon Row. Photographers arrive before sunrise to stake out their spot for pictures of the barn with the mighty Tetons in the background.

Look for wildlife

Mormon Row is located in an area called Antelope Flats, which connects to Gros Ventre via a dirt road. This entire area is a good place to find wildlife, such as antelope, bison, deer, and birds.

Getting to Mormon Row

Mormon Row is located about 10-15 minutes east of the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor Center. From Highway 89, Grand Teton’s “Outer Road,” turn east onto Antelope Flats Road. When you arrive at the road named Mormon Row you’ll see a parking lot on the left with some buildings.

Continue driving on Mormon Row for Moulton Barn.

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