Quick Introduction

Glacier National Park is the Crown of the Continent!

It’s located in Northern Montana and actually extends into Canada (that section is called Waterton Lakes National Park).

Glacier National Park is famous for…Glaciers, of course! There are two “accessible” Glaciers: Grinnell and Iceberg.

Basic Overview

image of map of glacier national park
Overview Map of Glacier National Park

There are 4 main sections to the park:

  • West Glacier. This is the most common entrance.
  • The Going to the Sun Road. This is a famously beautiful drive that connects West Glacier with the East Glacier.
  • Many Glacier. Located on East side.
  • Two Medicine. Located on the East side. Maybe the least visited major section of the park.

Waterton is another section of the park, but it’s in Canada. The two parks are linked together to form the Glacier-Waterton International Peace Park.

Things to do

The most common activities at Glacier are:

  • Driving the Going to the Sun Road.
  • Hiking some of the many gorgeous and famous hikes in the park, such as Grinnell Glacier, Avalanche Lake, and Hidden Lake.
  • Boat rides on one of 5 lakes: Lake McDonald, St Mary’s Lake, Swiftcurrent & Josephine Lakes (both located in Many Glacier), and Two Medicine Lake.
  • Horseback rides in one of 3 locations: Apgar, Lake McDonald, and Many Glacier.


Our Guide

Our guide is the BEST game plan for seeing the BEST of Glacier National Park. It is a step-by-step, detailed itinerary for getting the most out of your vacation. Each day is structured in an orderly and detailed way.



  • Glacier overview (12 min). Although this video says 2020 updates, it’s still a good map overview of the park.