Glacier: The Crown of the Continent

Your Glacier National Park Itinerary

Most travelers spend hours or days trying to figure out the most popular sites and hidden gems to visit. We create detailed itineraries that give you a step-by-step game plan so you can get to the best places at the right times and have a trip your family will remember forever!

Few places on the planet look as perfectly carved by God as Glacier. Each valley in the park has picture-perfect U-shaped valleys filled with lakes, waterfalls, and wildflowers. The most famous feature of the park is the Going-to-the-Sun road, an engineering marvel designed to get you from one side of the park to the other. Glacier has so many ways to enjoy its scenic beauty: Kayaking, boat rides, Red Bus Tours, or just enjoying the views from one of its historic lodges.


Map of Glacier National Park Sites
  • North Fork. A remote wilderness area perfect for hiking, fishing, and wildlife watching.
  • Waterton Lakes. A scenic Canadian counterpart to Glacier National Park, offering hiking trails, wildlife, and stunning views.
  • West Glacier. The main entrance to Glacier, offering stunning scenery and outdoor activities.
  • Apgar Village. A charming lakeside community with shops, lodging, and activities.
  • Lake McDonald. A serene alpine lake with crystal-clear waters and breathtaking views.
  • Logan Pass. An amazing alpine landscape with hiking trails and wildlife viewing.
  • Many Glacier. A stunning area of Glacier National Park with hiking trails, boat tours, and abundant wildlife.
  • Going to the Sun Road. One of the most scenic mountain drives in the United States.
  • Two Medicine. A tranquil valley with hiking trails, fishing, and camping opportunities.
  • East Glacier. A gateway to Glacier, offering hiking trails, historic lodges, and stunning views.
  • St. Mary. A picturesque town with access to hiking trails and scenic drives.

Discover How to Drive the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier

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