Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes: My Honest Review

Front view of Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton

The Prince of Wales Hotel is the nicest…..and the most expensive hotel I’ve ever stayed in.  Located in the Canadian portion of Glacier National Park, it looks like a castle overlooking the valley below.

If cost isn’t a concern, the Prince of Wales Hotel is worth a stay while visiting Waterton, the Canadian side of Glacier National Park. The views, luxurious rooms, impressive lobby, delightful afternoon tea, and proximity to the park make it a prime location to stay.

I’m Cheryl and have stayed at 6 of the hotels within Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.  I’ve taught special education for 24 years and love to travel with my husband, Matt, who teaches people how to travel to the West.

Read on to see if the Prince of Wales is the best choice for you.

Red deck chairs on lake at Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton
The Prince of Wales sits perched above the lake & town.
Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton-Glacier National Park

At a Glance

Fancy and formal style lobby with amazing viewsPaid parking
Lovely piano music ~$300 and up per night (peak season)
Superb serviceReservations needed for restaurant
Royal Dining Room- afternoon teaNo AC
Comfortable roomsWaterton area is not as pretty as Glacier National Park
Great view from roomsLimited elevator use
Beautifully landscaped
Gift shop with a wide selection
Walking path to Waterton
Pros and Cons of staying at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton


Map of Glacier National Park including Lodging areas

The Prince of Wales Hotel is perched on top of a hill overlooking Waterton Lakes National Park – the “Canadian side of Glacier.” 

Unlike Glacier National Park, Waterton has plenty of lodging within the park including hotels and campgrounds. The Prince of Wales is actually a bit on the outskirts but still plenty close to all the things to see and do.

Waterton National Park is small and reminds me more of a lake town than a national park. It’s more developed than a national park and contains several stores, gas stations, restaurants, and bike recreation rental businesses.

Movie Theater in Waterton
A movie theater in Waterton Townsite

There are several hikes, boat rides, picnic areas, biking trails, and waterfalls.  Plus, abundant wildlife including bears.

Waterton is about 4 hours from Banff National Park and 1 hour and 15 minutes from Glacier National Park.

Our Room

Our room at the Prince of Wales was by far the nicest of the rooms we stayed at in Glacier National Park. It was classy and had beautiful wood paneling 3/5th of the way up the wall.  I loved that the touches of plaid sprinkled throughout the hotel extended into our room. I enjoyed reading about the history of Waterton in the book that was included in our room.

From our window, we had an amazing view overlooking the Canadian Rockies, Upper Waterton Lake, and the valley.

Bonus sightseeing! Of all the lodges we stayed at in Glacier, this one had the best view.

bed and windows in room inside the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton
sink desk and mirror in room inside the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton
View of lake and mountains from Prince of Wales Hotel
The view from our room was amazing!

Our room contained a full bed and a single bed, a writing desk, a nightstand, and a fan. The outside temperature stays pretty cool most of the year so the Glacier lodges don’t have A/C.  It’s usually not a problem but I would have loved our room a little cooler.

There was also no T.V. This is unusual for a hotel but not for a national park lodge. I guess the people running the national parks want us to get out and enjoy nature and mingle with other travelers. Not a bad idea!

Our bathroom was updated and very nice.  The towels were soft, the water pressure perfect, and the pedestal sink was smartly located in our room instead of the bathroom.  This is such a smart idea since the bathroom was pretty small.

Beds in a room at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton
private bathroom in the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton
sunset view
Sunrise from our room! (nevermind the big bus, haha)


Staff & Front Desk

The staff at every Glacier lodge were helpful and kind but the staff at the front desk of the Prince of Wales were the friendliest and seemed to enjoy telling us their insider tips and favorite spots. 

front desk at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton
Lobby of the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton

The Lobby

The lobby is the most impressive lobby I’ve ever seen. Giant windows allow visitors to enjoy the views of Waterton. The building style is Swiss chalet/rustic but the furniture is elegant and all the tables are decorated with fresh-cut flowers. Guests can listen to live piano music, played by a professional musician, and have food from the lounge served to them if they desire.

Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton


The store is the largest in Glacier National Park as well. Along with traditional offerings like clothing and souvenir magnets, they also sell beautiful tea sets, plaid merchandise, and lots of maple syrup.

I think they are playing up Canadian and English culture to American tourists.

Gift shop at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton
Tea cups

High Tea at the Royal Stewart Dining Room

The Royal Stewart Dining Room was the highlight of my trip to Waterton. I’m an American with English ancestors so when I saw that they served afternoon tea, I had to try it out.

This is an upscale, fine-dining establishment with linen tablecloths, fresh flowers, piano music, and incredible views. Guests are not required to follow a dress code, however, I recommend changing out of your hiking clothes and putting on something nice. You’ll feel more comfortable and enjoy the experience more.

The tea presentation was great and we enjoyed our sandwiches, tea scones, and mini quiches. Even with the price tag of ~$49 per person, we highly recommend afternoon tea. You’ll need reservations for any meal at the Royal Stewart Dining Room.

For great places to eat while visiting other areas of Glacier National Park, see our article 9 great places to eat in Glacier National Park.

Royal Stewart Dining Room
Tea service presentation
Tea service

Other Amenities

We didn’t use these services, but the Prince of Wales Hotel also offers massages, horseback rides, and complimentary coffee. A bellhop service is also available which comes in handy since the elevator only accesses the 4th floor.


The Prince of Wales is one of the most photographed hotels in the world. Built in 1927 for the super-rich, this Swiss/rustic structure charms us all with its balconies, hanging flowers, and breathtaking views. It looks like a castle built on a green hill, so picturesque that it appears to have come straight out of a fairy tale.

Tourists visit both the exterior and lobby of the hotel to snap their travel photos. It really is the best view in Waterton.

Outside View of the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton
Lobby of Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton
View of Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton with clouds in background
giant chandelier

A packed dirt walking path to get you from the hotel to the valley of Waterton is located behind the hotel. The trail is less than a mile and is a great way to get into town without having to drive your car and find parking. It’s a nice view the entire way there.

You really do feel like you are part of the elite while staying here. The furniture in the lobby is elegant and comfortable and the staff make every effort to make sure you enjoy your stay. Relaxing in the lobby after a day of hiking was one of the highlights of our last trip.

Our room, the lobby, and the Royal Dining Room were all top tier and guests will enjoy their experience.

Know Before You Go


The Prince of Wales is open from May to mid-September and you should get reservations as soon as you know you are going because rooms are booked up. Reservations are taken up to a year in advance.

view from the deck

Things I Didn’t Like

Even though I loved my stay at the Prince of Wales and hope to stay here again, there are a few things I didn’t like.

Our room was over $300 a night plus we had to pay $10 a day for parking. Everything about the hotel was beautiful and luxurious but our main reason to visit Waterton was to enjoy the natural scenery. It seemed like a shame that we were staying at such a nice place but spent most of our time away.

Before visiting Waterton, I had heard from several people that the Waterton section of Glacier National Park was the prettiest. I completely disagree. Of course, Waterton is beautiful, but it isn’t so majestic that it leaves you feeling humble like Glacier. If you are on a trip to Glacier and are limited on time, I suggest spending all your time in Glacier National Park and skipping Waterton.

Things I Liked About Waterton

That being said, Waterton Lakes National Park does offer some advantages.

The visitor center is top-notch and something the whole family will enjoy.

Waterton is a charming little town with lots of great places to eat. We really enjoyed the Pizza of Waterton.

Waterton Lakes is more pet-friendly. The National Parks Service in the U.S. does not allow pets on the trails, but I saw plenty of dogs while hiking in Waterton.

There are a lot of recreation options in Waterton. There’s a great bike path that runs through town plus a few businesses that rent kayaks and bikes.

visitor center in Waterton
Pizza of Waterton establishment
bike rental shop in Waterton

Should You Stay Here?

It depends on the purpose of your trip and your budget. The Prince of Wales is elegant and memorable. I will never forget my stay here. I loved feeling like I was staying in a castle. Getting to enjoy the views from the lobby in the morning and evening gave me extra time to take in the beauty of the area. And let’s not forget the afternoon tea at the Royal Dining Room. It was my favorite dining experience in a national park.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway with some great scenery, restaurants, and activities, the Prince of Wales is a good pick.

If you are looking to enjoy nature, there are many more budget-friendly options, both in Glacier National Park and Waterton National Peace Park. When I stayed at the Prince of Wales, it was just with my husband. If I came back with my 4 children, I would stay somewhere in town, or maybe even camp. But overall, I would spend most of my time in Glacier National Park.

Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton

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Alternative Lodging Inside Glacier National Park

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Another great option is the Lake McDonald Lodge. This lodge is nestled along the shore of Lake McDonald and is only minutes away from Apgar Lake, Trail of the Cedars, Avalanche Lake, and the GTSR (Going-to-the-Sun Road).

There is also the Glacier Park Lodge (book here) in East Glacier. It is the closest national park lodge to the Two Medicine section of Glacier National Park and is located on Blackfeet Nation land.

Or 5 minutes outside of West Glacier there is The Belton Chalet. It is both rustic and comfortable with great access to the Amtrak railway. However, you will have to drive at least 25 minutes before you get to the sites in the park.

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If you’re not interested in staying inside the park and would rather stay outside the park, we recommend using to secure your lodging accommodations.

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