Mount Rushmore & The Black Hills: Mountain Oasis

Your Mount Rushmore & the Black Hills Itinerary

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Come for Mount Rushmore, stay for the Black Hills! The Black Hills are mountains in a sea of plains. It is the perfect family destination. Everyone needs to see Mount Rushmore at least once in their life. Then head out into the Hills for wildlife, scenic drives, old west towns, and more national parks! There are six national park sites in this area, making the Black Hills a 3-5 day vacation destination. Many stop here for a few days on their way to Yellowstone National Park.


  • Mount Rushmore. An iconic American landmark in the Black Hills.
  • Crazy Horse. A massive granite carving of a Native American warrior on private land in the Black Hills. Construction is ongoing.
  • Custer State Park. A wildlife haven with scenic drives and hiking trails.
  • Sylvan Lake. The crown jewel of Custer State Park.
  • Deadwood. A historic Wild West town brought about by the gold rush but is still booming.
  • Wind Cave National Park. Maze-like cave with rare boxwork formations.
  • Badlands National Park. Eroded canyons with layered rock formations containing rich fossil beds.
  • Devils Tower National Monument. A majestic monolith considered sacred by indigenous people. Also a popular rock-climbing destination.
  • Wall. Famous for Wall Drug, Badlands National Park, and Western charm.
  • Rapid City. A gateway to the Black Hills with vibrant arts and a rich history.
  • Hill City. Known as “The Heart of the Black Hills” offering a unique dining and shopping experience.
  • Keystone. Home to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorial, but also many more things to do like tour a gold mine or ride the Alpine Slide.
  • Sturgis. A biker haven hosting an annual rally with music, bars, and the Black Hills.
  • Spearfish Canyon. Lush canyon with waterfalls, hiking, and scenic drives.
  • Hot Springs. Bathe in the natural mineral springs or visit the Mammoth Site with the largest concentration of Columbian mammoths in the world.
  • Jewel Cave National Monument. Considered the third longest cave in the world containing jewel-like calcite formations.

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