Visiting Yellowstone and Need A Plan?
We got you covered.

A Flexible Itinerary

Our itinerary works if you’re visiting Yellowstone for one, two, three, or four days (and even longer). You can re-order days as needed to fit your plans.

A Step-By-Step Game Plan.

You can’t fail with our easy to follow instructions including destinations, arrival times and over 40 images and maps to keep you on course.

See More. Drive Less.

Our plan provides an efficient way to see the park, hitting places at the right times in the right order.

As Reliable As Old Faithful

We give you the secrets to seeing more geysers erupt.

Lose The Crowds. Find Yellowstone

Spend more time enjoying wildlife and scenery and less time looking for a parking spot.

Your first stop on your Yellowstone tour.

Our guide eliminates months of planning and costs a fraction of what a tour costs.

“Your itinerary was fantastic! The directions and suggestions allowed us to maximize our time in the park. It helped us stay organized and see the attractions. We saw Old Faithful, Great Fountain, and plenty of small geysers. It helped us visit the busier places at the right times.”
Scott Heller
Passionate Explorer

Our itinerary also includes an AUDIO TOUR!

Listen While You Drive.

Listen to stories while you drive. The itinerary tells you when to listen to the audio tour.

Like Having Your Own Private Tour Guide.

Our Yellowstone audio guide has over 3 hours of stories and information about Yellowstone, as told by Matt, a history professor.

Yellowstone 101, Without The Homework.

Listen while you drive. Learn how Yellowstone became the world’s first national park, how wolves saved Yellowstone, and how a man got lost in Yellowstone for 37 days.

What Makes Us Different.

Most audio guides give you a few tidbits. We focus on the most fascinating stories about the park.

What's Included In Your Purchase?


Audio Guide

Yellowstone Package

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Yellowstone Bundle (Itinerary + Audio Guide)

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SAVE money with this bundle!

Like having your OWN PRIVATE TOUR GUIDE — for a fraction of the cost!

Let a history professor (me) take you on a tour of Yellowstone!

See THE BEST of Yellowstone!

LEARN about the park!

1 review for Yellowstone Bundle (Itinerary + Audio Guide)

  1. Lisa Camp (verified owner)

    I purchased the Yellowstone bundle with the audio guide for a 4 day trip in June 2021. I am so glad I found you guys on YouTube! We followed your 3 day suggested plan and I really feel that we were able to see all the highlights in the park. My family even enjoyed the accompanying audio of Matt’s history lesson as we drove to our destinations. (At first they grumbled but they really loved the stories of the wolves and the rockslide. They even complained when we ran out of audio files!) I love that the guide has a realistic time schedule for traveling to and from locations and even suggestions for hikes with little ones. I also really like how you suggest locations in the park with accompanying maps. This was my first time at Yellowstone, and I can see how easy it is to be overwhelmed by the huge park. Your guide made it so manageable for this mom! I bought two other print guides from the bookstore, but I ended up only using yours. Can’t wait to travel to Zion this summer and use your guide!

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This bundle comes with both our ITINERARY, which gives you a game plan for each day, and our AUDIO GUIDE, which helps you learn about the park.

The ITINERARY contains:

  • PDF file to print or save to your tablet.
  • 27 pages of detailed information about Yellowstone and how to see it.
  • A 4-day itinerary, covering the BEST of Yellowstone (also works for a 1-6 days, because of the amount of sites it covers).
  • step-by-step guide for what to do and see each day, with flexibility to fit your schedule.
  • A game plan to see more wildlife, with historical maps of wildlife sightings for reference.
  • A game plan to see more geysers erupt.
  • 40 maps and images to help you orient as you follow the itinerary.
  • Historical photos and information about each site to go along with the audio guide.

Don’t worry that this itinerary won’t work with your plans: This is designed to be flexible, depending on where you will be staying. You can reorder the days, and it works for any amount of days you are visiting the park.

This is NOT just a collection of basic charts and weather information you can easily find on your own.

The AUDIO GUIDE contains:

  • About 3 hours of stories and information.
  • Thirteen chapters of content (.mp3 files to download to your device)
  • Each .mp3 file is a topic or lesson about the park.
  • Each one is 10-25 minutes long, and full of stories about the Yellowstone, people, geysers, wildlife, and the West.
  • They correspond with the Itinerary, which tells you when to listen to each chapter. However, you can listen to them anytime (even at home).
  • The titles of these audio segments are:
    • Introduction: Yellowstone, the World’s First National Park?
    • Old Faithful & the Old Faithful Inn
    • The Nez Perce Trail
    • Discovering Yellowstone
    • Lost in Yellowstone
    • The Fires of 1988
    • The Yellowstone Earthquake of 1959
    • The Wolves of Yellowstone
    • Bison, Symbol of the West
    • Feeding Bears

You will need to save the .mp3 files to your phone or tablet.  When you purchase the guide, it will come with instructions showing you how to save the files to your device.

You will need a way to listen to them while driving, such as:

    • bluetooth connection
    • cable connection
    • earbuds or wireless ear pods

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Each day is independent of other days so if you are visiting less days, just select the days that sound the most interesting. You can also adjust the days to the order that would best fit your schedule. 

Our guide designates which sights are a must and which sights are nice to do. If you have more time or are staying extra days, you can do it all.

The itinerary and audio guide are available immediately upon purchase, right on this webpage.  You will also receive an email with download links in case you need to revisit the links and download the items later. 

Our guide is compatible with Apple and Android, but the download process is slightly different. Detailed instructions for Apple and Android are included with purchase.

Anyone who wants to get a good overall feel of Yellowstone and see the most famous sights.  Yellowstone is very accessible so even those with physical disabilities will be able to enjoy the park. Our itinerary describes the mileage and terrain of each stop.

  • You will need to save the .mp3 files to your phone or tablet.  When you purchase the guide, it will come with instructions showing you how to save the files to your device.
  • You will need a way to listen to them while driving, such as:
    • bluetooth connection
    • cable connection
    • earbuds or wireless ear pods

 No. Yellowstone is mostly closed in the winter (only the northern road is open in the winter).  Touring season is generally from May to October; our guide works for any of those months.