Bryce Canyon Trip Planner

Bryce Canyon’s rock formations are called Hoodoos!
  • NOTE: This page has information to help you plan your trip. But if you want a step-by-step itinerary, along with an audio tour, see our self-guided tour of Bryce Canyon.

Quick Introduction

Most people I talk to tell me Bryce is their favorite Utah National Park. It is one of 5 Utah National Parks, the others being Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef. These are often referred to as the MIGHTY 5.

Most people visit it for a day, usually in conjunction with Zion and the Grand Canyon, or in conjunction with Arches, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef National Parks (the Utah “Mighty 5” trip).

Bryce Canyon is a playful place. It’s textured and visually rich. It’s not imposing like the Grand Canyon. It doesn’t feel majestic like Zion. It invites you inside the formations to explore the canyon. You just HAVE to walk amongst those Hoodoos!

Basic Geography

Regional map (NPS)

Bryce is located in a very remote area in the central part of Southern Utah. It is surrounded by public land — national parks, monuments, and forests, as well as state parks.

It is located on Scenic Byway 12, a highway famous for providing spectacular red rock and white rock scenery.

It’s a small, narrow park with only one entrance.

Map of Bryce Canyon (NPS)

Visiting Bryce Canyon

It’s easy to walk to the rim of the canyon, look at the hoodoos, and say you’ve seen Bryce Canyon. But there is so much more in and around Bryce to see and do.


If it’s your first time, don’t miss:

  • Viewing the amphitheater (the main concentration of rock formations — also called hoodoos) from any point along the rim
  • Watching a sunrise from Sunrise Point, or a sunset from Sunset Point
  • Hiking into the hoodoos on the Queen’s Garden/Navajo Loop Trail
  • Driving the 18-mile scenic drive, with 7 lookouts along the way

If you’re visiting with a family, add some adventure with these activities:

  • Play in the river on the Mossy Cave trail
  • Ride horses into the canyon
  • Rent eBikes and ride to Red Canyon
  • Go for a guided ATV tour
  • Go to a rodeo in Bryce Canyon City
  • Stay at Ruby’s Inn


Our guide (coming soon)

The best way to get the most out of Bryce Canyon is to get our self-guided tour! We give you a very detailed step-by-step itinerary to get the most out of one day in the park. We also include an audio guide!