Bryce Canyon: Stunning

Your Bryce Canyon National Park Itinerary

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Bryce Canyon is famous for its hoodoos – gigantic towers of red rock all bunched together. Bryce has the largest concentration of hoodoos anywhere in the world. Standing on the edge of the amphitheater – the name given to the most dense part of the canyon – is one of the most visually stunning sites you’ll ever see. Bryce Canyon is a playful place. It’s textured and visually rich. It’s not imposing like the Grand Canyon. It doesn’t feel majestic like Zion. It invites you inside the formations to explore the canyon. You just HAVE to walk amongst those Hoodoos!

Map of sites at Bryce Canyon National Park


  • Scenic Route 12. All-American scenic road.
  • The Amphitheater. See majestic hoodoo formations and unforgettable scenic vistas while hiking the trails.
  • Queens Garden Trail. The most popular trail, it winds through the hoodoos at the bottom of the canyon.
  • Peekaboo Trail. Longer and less crowded than Queens Garden, but it still gets you among the hoodoos.
  • Rainbow Point. A great spot to see the perspective of the canyon.
  • Bryce Canyon City. The gateway to Bryce Canyon with awesome western hospitality.
  • Red Canyon. See vibrant hoodoos on this scenic drive with hiking trails along the way.
  • Fairyland Trail. Longer but wonderfully varied hike.
  • Bryce Canyon Lodge. Cozy accommodations inside the park with rustic charm and amazing views.




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