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    The 11 best places to eat at Bryce Canyon

    image of burger
    Try a bison burger!

    You’re visiting Bryce Canyon and you need a place to eat! We’ve got you covered.

    Bryce Canyon and the surrounding area generally have MEDIOCRE food, so you can’t just go anywhere. That’s why we’ve gathered for you the best spots that you’ll want to consider on your vacation.

    Quick Recommendations

    Keep on reading for all of your options!

    Inside the park 

    There are four places to eat inside the park. 

    1. The Lodge at Bryce Canyon

    The Bryce Canyon Lodge

    The Lodge at Bryce Canyon is a nice spot to eat breakfast right after watching a sunrise!

    They also serve lunch and dinner, with options like the Bryce Burger, Elk chili, bison meatloaf (bison meat is leaner), trout, and vegetarian options.

    Based on reviews, this is probably your best bet for a good meal in or around Bryce Canyon.

    You can also stay at The Lodge at Bryce Canyon, the only lodging in the park.

    2. Valhalla Pizza

    This is the newest restaurant in the park and a great stop after you hike that Queens Garden/Navajo Loop Trail! As the name implies, they offer pizza. They are open 12-8pm.

    3. Bryce Canyon General Store 

    image of bryce canyon general store

    Located near the lodge and Valhalla, stop at the Bryce Canyon General Store if you just need to pick up a snack or drink. They offer hot dogs, chili, sandwiches, and drinks.

    The Gift Shop is nearby and sells Native American art.

    4. Dawg House Food Truck

    This food truck is located at the Fairview Point on the Bryce Canyon Scenic Drive. It serves hot dogs and other snacks. They are here Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. But food trucks can be fickle, so check their Facebook page before you go if you’re dying to have a Dawg.

    This is a good stop if you’re needing something to eat while doing the 2-3 hour scenic drive. 

    Outside the park: Bryce Canyon City

    Bryce Canyon City is right next to the park entrance. It’s where most people stay when visiting Bryce. 

    The reviews aren’t anything to brag about here, but here are some local favorites:

    5. Bryce Canyon Pines 

    Easily the best-rated option in Bryce Canyon City, Bryce Canyon Pines serves comfort food like meat and potatoes, with a pie to top it off.

    Located on Highway 12, it’s not “off the beaten path,” but it isn’t right in Bryce Canyon City, either. Locals like this place and it’s a better bet than the more touristy places near the entrance to the park.

    6. Ruby’s Inn Cowboy’s Buffet and Steak Room

    Some people love it, some people…not so much. Probably the best buffet option around, however.

    7. Canyon Diner

    image of diner

    The Canyon Diner is located right next to the buffet, the reviews here are worse than the buffet. But it’s not as expensive, either. It’s a quick and affordable place to get a bite.

    8. Ebenezer’s Barn and Grill

    Note that this is dinner AND a show, so this is an entire evening experience. The reviews for both the dinner and the show are very good.

    If you want a sneak peek of the music, the Bryce Canyon Wranglers have put some songs on YouTube for you.

    9. Cowboy Ranch House

    Again, mixed reviews. Some people complain about the fish.

    Remember: not only is Bryce located far away from the ocean, but it’s also located far away from any major cities. We’re in steak and bison country here. LOL.

    Outside the park: Tropic

    Tropic is a town about 15 minutes away from Bryce Canyon City, and the food options here receive better reviews. There are many places to eat here but we’ll give you two.

    10. i.d.k. Barbeque

    i.d.k. Barbeque is comparable to Bryce Canyon Pines in its positive reviews. Since we’re dealing with BBQ and not fish, we trust this place!

    11. Stone Hearth Grille

    This hidden gem is located away from the main road, so you’ll get a little more seclusion here. It’s slightly more fine dining than i.d.k. Barbeque.

    Need a game plan?

    If you’re visiting Bryce Canyon for the first time, you want to get to the best spots at the right times. That’s why we created a step-by-step itinerary for you.

    It will save you hours of researching and gives you just the basics: where to go, what order to do things, and where to eat.

    When you plan things on your own, sometimes you don’t even know what to ask. Our itinerary takes care of all of that for you. No fuss, just a simple game plan to get the most out of your time visiting Bryce Canyon.

    The added benefit? We tell you about the park in our audio guide. Listen to it while you’re cruising along the 18-mile Bryce Scenic Drive to learn all about the park!

    This is a MUST for getting the most enjoyment out of your trip. PLUS, it will make you look like a genius to the others in your group.


    We’re Matt and Cheryl, and we’re in the Rockies. :) We are both teachers. Cheryl teaches special ed, and Matt teaches American history. We love the American West and the national parks. We want to help you have a great vacation on your next trip to the Rockies.


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