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We Support This Park!

At We’re in the Rockies, we believe in preservation and donate a portion of the proceeds of your purchase to the Bryce Canyon Association to ensure access and enjoyment to future generations.

Our Travel Guides

1 Hour, 1 Day
Or 1 Week

Our flexible itinerary works if you’re visiting the park for a few hours or for a few days. Just select between the one-day guide or the multi-day guide.

A Step-By-Step
Game Plan

You can’t fail with our easy to follow instructions including destinations, arrival times and many images and maps to keep you on course.

Hike the

We will get you to the best hikes
to get inside the canyon among the
hoodoo rock formations.

Arrive with

We give you detailed maps, and
step by step instructions for parking,
and taking the shuttle.

Your first stop on your Bryce Canyon tour

Our guide eliminates months of planning and costs a fraction of what a tour costs.

Go back to the Old West

Learn about the outlaw Butch Cassidy while you drive the Bryce Scenic Drive with the included audio guide!

EVERYONE should get your audio and written guides as they have been invaluable in planning our trips. Such great information and Matt is a great story teller, things we would not have known had we not bought the guides!
Candice T
Family traveler

Our itinerary also includes an AUDIO TOUR!

Listen While You Drive.

Listen to stories while you drive. The itinerary tells you when to listen to the audio tour.

Bryce Canyon 101, without the homework

Learn about what makes Bryce Canyon so special, Butch Cassidy’s daring heists, polygamy in Utah, and more.

Like Having Your Own Private Tour Guide.

Our Bryce Canyon audio guide has over 2 hours of stories and information about Bryce Canyon and Utah, as told by Matt, a history professor.

What Makes Us Different.

Most audio guides give you a few tidbits. We focus on the most fascinating stories about the park.

Pick Your Package

Multi-Day Bryce Canyon Guide - $29


Audio Guide

One Day Bryce Canyon Guide - $19


Audio Guide

Visiting The Grand Canyon or Zion National Park as well?

Buy two guides and get 10% off your order; buy 3 guides and get 20% off your order!

More Questions? Watch This:

Audio Guide Sample

Frequently Asked Questions

The itinerary and audio guide are available immediately upon purchase, right on this webpage. You will also receive an email within 30 minutes with download links in case you need to revisit the links and download the items later. If you don’t receive your email, check your junk mail folder. If it’s not there, contact and we’ll be in touch with you within 1 business day.

When you purchase, links for the products will immediately be available on this webpage. Just click on them to download them.  The links will also be sent to your email so you’ll have access to them at anytime. 

The itinerary is a PDF, which works with any device. We suggest printing it or putting it on your tablet for easier reading.  Our audio guide is compatible with Apple and Android, but the download process is slightly different. Detailed instructions for Apple and Android are included with purchase.

Reach out to us at We’ll reach out to you within 1 business day

Anyone who wants to see the best of Bryce Canyon.  People who enjoy our guides are typically families who want to save time and money by getting an efficient plan, or people who are curious and like to learn about the places they are visiting. It’s flexible enough to work if you like hiking or if you’d rather do more driving and sight-seeing.

When the audio guide is available, here’s what you’ll need: 

  • You will need to save the .mp3 files to your phone or tablet.  When you purchase the guide, it will come with instructions showing you how to save the files to your device.
  • You will need a way to listen to them while driving, such as:
    • bluetooth connection
    • cable connection
    • earbuds or wireless ear pods

Bryce is a wonderful place to visit in the winter. Our guide works just as well for winter, but some places aren’t open and some activities aren’t available. But as a plan to see the best of Bryce AND learn about it from the audio guide, there isn’t anything better out there. You’ll love it!

Yes!! Although we update our guides as needed, the concepts how to view each park are meant to be timeless. We encourage you to purchase the guide as soon as you know you will be traveling. It will help you determine which areas to stay and how many days to obtain lodging. As you approach leaving for your trip, you are welcome to email us to see if there is a more current version of the guide and we would be happy to send a link for a download, free of charge.

Product Reviews

Bryce Multi-Day Guide

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4 reviews for Bryce Multi-Day Guide

  1. Rick Hill (verified owner)

    We have just returned from our tour of the Arizona and Utah. I would like to thank you both personally for your excellent guides (we bought the ones for Zion, Bryce, Moab (Arches) and Grand Canyon). They were superbly edited and a great help to planning our hikes and excursions.

  2. Teddie Bennett

    This guide is so helpful when planning for our trip to Bryce Canyon! We are taking our grandchildren and want to have a clearly planned trip! We’ve ordered your guides for other locations and they were so great!

  3. Stacy Berger

    The guides purchased from Matt and Cheryl are fantastic. We bought 3 for our recent travel to UT and AZ—Bryce, Zion and Grand Canyon South Rim. These guides took all the guess work out of planning and allowed us to have the BEST experiences. My favorite hike was in Bryce and was the Navajo Loop – Queen’s Garden trail. The Narrow’s were closed when we visited-with the information in the Zion guide, we were able to have a fun, full day.

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