How to ride a bike into Bryce Canyon: rentals, eBikes, trails, and more

by Matt, Oct 2021

How to ride eBikes in Bryce Canyon
Watch this for a quick overview of the Canyon to Canyon Trail

We’re always looking for variety on our vacations. We’ve really grown to enjoy renting bikes and ebikes because they are usually fun, affordable, and allow you to be in nature without being behind a windshield.

We recently rented ebikes at Bryce Canyon and we want to help you to prepare if you’re thinking of doing the same.

Bikes and ebikes are allowed in Bryce Canyon National Park. If you want to rent an ebike and ride into Bryce, there are four companies nearby you can rent from. You can only ride an ebike on paved trails, and there is only one paved trail near Bryce: the Canyon to Canyon trail. Simply follow it into the park.

If you’re looking for a little adventure, we highly suggest renting an eBike, BUT we suggest riding your bike to Red Canyon instead of Bryce Canyon. Keep on reading for more information about options for renting and trails.

In this article we’ll cover:

  • How to rent an ebike and ride into Bryce
  • Bike rental companies
  • Street biking vs mountain biking
  • Things to know about riding an eBike
  • Canyon to Canyon Trail
  • Mountain bike trails near Bryce
  • Maps and resources

Visiting Bryce and need a plan? We got you covered.

How to rent a bike and ride into Bryce

The process is easy.

  1. Rent your bike or ebike from one of the four companies listed below. One company only offers mountain bikes, which are not ebikes but are more affordable.
  2. Hop on the Canyon to Canyon Bike Path — accessible by bike from all four rental locations — and follow it to Bryce Canyon. See below for more about the Canyon to Canyon bike path.
  3. Show your park entry pass (or pay your entry fee) at the ranger booth as you enter.
  4. After entering the park, turn left on the bike path directly across from the visitor center parking lot, and head on out to the canyon (you can’t miss it)!
  5. Consider riding to nearby Red Canyon in addition to, or instead of, Bryce Canyon. The ride there is more scenic than the ride into Bryce Canyon, and we recommend this instead of riding to Bryce Canyon (assuming you’ll already be visiting Bryce Canyon by car). We discuss this more below.
image of bryce canyon
Bryce Canyon National Park

Bike Rental Companies

1. Ruby’s Inn

Ruby’s Inn practically owns Bryce Canyon City, which sits at the entry of Bryce Canyon. It’s a resort that offers just about everything, including ATV, horseback, and helicopter tours.

It also has bike rentals, with many different options to choose from, including street bikes, mountain bikes, ebikes, and cruisers.

Ruby’s Inn is located on the Canyon to Canyon trail, which is a paved trail connecting Bryce Canyon to the gorgeous Red Canyon. From this trail, you can also enter Bryce Canyon National Park and ride your bike right to the rim of the canyon. See below for more about this trail.

This is the only trail you can ride ebikes in the area.

If you’re looking to do mountain biking, Ruby’s Inn makes it super easy to get to other trails as well! You can rent a bike rack from them and haul the bikes yourself, or you can pay them to shuttle the bikes to a location (but they won’t shuttle you).

Prices range from $10 per hour for a regular bike to $40 per hour for an eBike. They also have trailers to tow the little ones.

image of family on bikes
The Canyon to Canyon bike path

2. Outta Here eBikes

Outta Here eBikes offers only ebikes for rent.

They are located in Bryce Canyon City, right at the intersection of Highway 12 and Highway 63 (where you turn in to go to the park).

Prices range from $25 per hour to $80 for a full-day rental.

They don’t have pull-behinds for the kids, but they offer “Rad Wagons,” which are larger bikes designed to carry a child on the back. These cost $125 for a half-day rental.

We rented one of these Rad Wagon bikes and actually carried two children on them. You can see what it looks like in the video above.

3. Bryce Canyon EZ Riders

Bryce Canyon EZ Riders offers only ebikes for rent.

The company is located near the Bryce Canyon Airport, very close to Bryce Canyon City and the national park.

Here again, you can just park your car here, rent the bike, and head out on the Canyon to Canyon trail, leading to Red Canyon or Bryce Canyon.

Prices run about $40 per hour per rider. They also offer tow-behind trailers for the little tikes.

4. Bryce Canyon Scenic Tours

Bryce Canyon Scenic Tours offers mountain bikes for rent.

Mountain bikes are for those wanting to enjoy some of the non-paved trails in the area, such as the famous Thunder Mountain Trail (see below).

Mountain bikes cost $10 per hour and $40 for the day.

They don’t rent eBikes — rather, they refer you to Outta Here eBikes.

They also offer shuttle bus and hiking tours of Bryce Canyon.

Street biking vs. Mountain biking

eBikes are for paved trails only, and the only paved trail around is the Canyon to Canyon trail. You cannot mountain bike with an ebike.

Mountain bikes typically have larger tires and suspension systems. You can ride them on paved trails or on off-road trails.

I’m not a mountain biker, but the thing to do here is the Thunder Mountain Trail. People rave about this trail so much that the next time I visit I want to ride it!

All you need to do is rent your bike from Ruby’s Inn and tell them you want to ride the Thunder Mountain Trail (it’s rated intermediate/difficult, so beware — ask the workers about this trail). You can even have Ruby’s Inn take your bike to the trailhead for you.

image of woman riding bike in canyon
Biker in Casto Canyon

General things to know about riding eBikes

If you’re like us and you’ve never ridden an eBike before, here are some things to know:

  • They are for paved trails only. At Bryce, that means the Canyon to Canyon trail is your only option (and a great option!)
  • They have 5 levels of “pedal assist,” which means while you’re pedalling, the bike starts doing some of the pedalling for you. It feels a little funny at first (although super cool), and at times the pedals will outpace your legs a little. But don’t worry, you won’t go out of control — as soon as you stop pedalling the pedal assist stops and the bike starts to coast as a normal bike does.
  • The bikes also have a lever on the handlebar to make it go on it’s own — no pedalling required! This is a lot like using an electric scooter.
  • The more you use the lever and the higher the level of pedal assist you use, the faster the battery will wear out. However, I used it quite a bit (I wanted my money’s worth!) and rode the bike for over 2 hours and still had plenty of battery left.
  • Riders generally need to be 5 feet tall.
  • eBikes are much heavier than normal bikes. This just takes a few minutes to acclimate.
image of 4 people and bikes
Scenic Red Canyon

The Canyon to Canyon Trail

The Canyon to Canyon trail is the only paved, ebike path in the area that I’m aware of.

This trail connects Red Canyon and Bryce Canyon and continues into Bryce Canyon National Park, where you can ride your bike right to the rim of the canyon.

But the highlight of this trail is actually Red Canyon because you get to ride through this cool canyon. At the end of the ride, you can stop and hike around the formations.

Some people call this the Red Canyon bike trail. The trail is 17 miles from Bryce Canyon to Red Canyon.

It’s basically impossible to get lost on this trail! It’s paved and it has a definite beginning and ending. Once you arrive in Red Canyon, the path dead-ends into a parking lot.

image of kinds playing on red rocks
Playing around at Red Canyon

Other Mountain Biking Trails

As I mentioned, I’m not much of a mountain biker, so I won’t talk too much about something I don’t know. But here are some popular trails. Use the Garfield County Tourism website for more information.

  • Thunder Mountain Trail
  • Cassidy Trail
  • Losee Trail
  • Casto Canyon Trail

Maps and Resources

Visiting Bryce Canyon soon?

If you’re visiting Bryce Canyon soon, check out our self-guided tour! We give you a step-by-step itinerary to see the BEST of Bryce. We also have an audio guide to tell you all about it while you drive through the park!



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