Visiting Glacier National Park and Need A Plan?
We got you covered.

We Support This Park!

At We’re in the Rockies, we believe in preservation and donate 5% of the proceeds of your purchase to Glacier to ensure access and enjoyment to future generations.

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A Flexible

Our itinerary works if you’re visiting Glacier for one day or seven days! Our plan is adjustable based on your needs. It also includes options for those wishing to hike less but still get the Glacier experience.

The “Bear”

And since you’re in Bear Country, we tell you what you need to do to be prepared for grizzlies. Glacier is one of the best places to see grizzlies in the lower 48 states.

A Step-By-Step Game Plan.

You can’t fail with our easy to follow instructions including destinations, arrival times and over 40 images and maps to keep you on course. We don’t give you a bunch of information and let you figure it out. We give you a step-by-step plan for seeing the park. No fluff.

The First Stop on your Glacier Tour

Our guide eliminates months of planning and gives you secrets only an insider knows.

Mountain High

Want to see an actual Glacier? Just follow the plan, and you’ll get a Rocky Mountain experience to tell your friends and family.

To the Sun
and Back

You’ll fall in love with Glacier while driving the Going to the Sun Road. We show you the best overlooks and activities to do on the famous Going to the Sun Road. Do this once in a lifetime experience right the first time!

We're In The Rockies itinerary for the Grand Canyon was an essential tool for me and my wife that we used to navigate the huge area. It hit on every major location and we got everything done in the 3 days allocated. Highly recommend to anyone traveling to the area.
Robert T.
Avid Adventurer

Our itinerary also includes an AUDIO TOUR!

Listen While You Drive.

Listen to stories while you drive. The itinerary tells you when to listen to the audio tour.

Big Sky Country and Beyond

We provide things to do near the park in Montana. We also provide a complimentary guide for Waterton, the “Canadian side” of Glacier National Park.

Your first stop on your Glacier National Park Tour.

Our guide eliminates months of planning and costs a fraction of what a tour guide would cost.

What Makes Us Different.

Most audio guides give you a few tidbits. We focus on the most fascinating stories about the park.

Pick Your Package

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Audio Guide

Glacier Multi-Day Guide - $39

Visiting Grand Teton or Yellowstone as well?

Buy two guides and get 10% off your order; buy 3 guides and get 20% off your order!

Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase, links for the products will immediately be available on this webpage. Just click on them to download them.  The links will also be sent to your email so you’ll have access to them at anytime. 

The itinerary is a PDF, which works with any device. We suggest printing it or putting it on your tablet for easier reading.  Our audio guide (when available) is compatible with Apple and Android, but the download process is slightly different. Detailed instructions for Apple and Android are included with purchase.

Anyone who wants to see the best of the Glacier National Park.  People who enjoy our guides are typically families who want to save time and money by getting an efficient plan, or people who like to learn about the places they are visiting. It’s flexible enough to work if you like hiking or if you’d rather do more driving, boating, or sight-seeing.

When the audio guide is available, here’s what you’ll need: 

  • You will need to save the .mp3 files to your phone or tablet.  When you purchase the guide, it will come with instructions showing you how to save the files to your device.
  • You will need a way to listen to them while driving, such as:
    • bluetooth connection
    • cable connection
    • earbuds or wireless ear pods

No! Glacier National Park isn’t open during the winter.  Well, some sections are open but the Going to the Sun Road isn’t open, and no one really visits in the winter.