12 Best Things To Do in Two Medicine and East Glacier, Glacier National Park

View of Two Medicine Lake and the mountains and clouds behind from the bank

The Two Medicine Valley is a stunning and rugged area within Glacier National Park. The scenery is breathtaking, wildlife is abundant, and hiking trails offer endless opportunities. Two Medicine is one of the more primitive areas of Glacier National Park, making it a very special valley to visit.

Two Medicine is located just a few miles north of the town of East Glacier, Montana. East Glacier is home to the iconic Glacier Park Lodge across the street from the Amtrak station on the railroad that has delivered guests to Glacier National Park for over a century. Two Medicine Lake is the primary attraction of Two Medicine. Near the lake, you will find the general store, boat tours, watercraft rentals, ranger station, campground, picnic area, and hiking trails.

I have lived in Glacier National Park every summer of my life and have spent quite a bit of time in the Two Medicine Valley. Keep reading to find out my favorite things to do in Two Medicine and my recommendations for making your visit memorable.

View of Two Medicine Valley with Two Medicine Lake in distance
Map showing sites in Two Medicine Area

My Favorite Activities

1. Boat Tour

Glacier Park Boat Company offers historic wooden boat tours of gorgeous Two Medicine Lake with information about the surrounding flora, fauna, history, and geology. I worked for Glacier Park Boat Company for many years, so I have seen first-hand how dedicated this family-owned business is to providing a spectacular visitor experience. The Sinopah, the boat on Two Medicine Lake, is over 100 years old and she is a gorgeous vessel. The boat captains are fun and knowledgeable, and you are sure to have a good time!

Boat tours can sell out, so head to Glacier Park Boat Company’s website to reserve tickets prior to arriving in Glacier. Tickets cost around $20 for adults and $10 for children. From the boat tour, you can hike to Twin Falls. Twin Falls is a lovely, 1.8-mile round-trip hike to one of Two Medicine’s most wonderful waterfalls.

People on boat on Two Medicine Lake with mountains in background

2. Swimming at Paradise Point

One of my favorite activities in Glacier is swimming in the cold, clear, glacial lakes. Two Medicine Lake is one of the colder lakes in the park (in my experience), but it is well worth it to take a dip!

To get to Paradise Point, start at the South Shore Trailhead (near the boat dock). Paradise Point is a beautiful beach located 0.7 miles down the trail. Bring clothes for swimming, snacks, bear spray, water, and bravery (when I say the water is cold, I’m not kidding).

3. Looking for Moose and Beavers

Wildlife is plentiful in the Two Medicine Valley. Moose frequently spend time near Two Medicine Lake and beavers have a complex system of dams, ponds, and channels nearby. If you hike 1 mile or so down the South Shore Two Medicine Lake Trail, you will come to a large opening in the woods that contains a few beaver ponds. I have seen moose and beaver here in the past—it’s worth checking out!

Wildflowers growing on side of hill

4. Browsing the General Store

The only food and shopping option in Two Medicine is the General Store. The General Store is located in a historic chalet that was built in 1914 by the Great Northern Railway. Fun Fact: President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave a national radio address from the Two Medicine Chalet on August 5. 1934.

The General Store has all sorts of tourist trinkets and novelties, including books, ornaments, calendars, clothing, stuffed animals, art, jewelry, and more. There are also extensive hiking supplies like hiking poles, backpacks, water filters, and maps. Best of all, there are snacks (think convenience store). The store also offers coffee, ice cream, breakfast sandwiches, and other light fare.

Black and white photo of General Store in Two Medicine
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5. Scenic Point

Scenic Point is a challenging hike, but the views as you climb above the valley make every step worth it. The trail is 8 miles round-trip and climbs 2300 feet. Bighorn sheep and marmots often frequent this trail, so keep your eyes open for those critters!

If this hike sounds daunting, don’t go the whole way!  Just 0.6 miles from the trailhead, hikers will reach a viewpoint for Apistoki Falls. Remember, there is no such thing as a bad hike in Glacier. No matter how far you make it down (or up) the trail, you will not be disappointed!

Woman hiking on trail in Two Medicine Pass

6. Running Eagle Falls

The trailhead for Running Eagle Falls is located 1 mile west of the Two Medicine entrance station. The trail to the falls is a 0.5-mile, wide, ADA-accessible path. The waterfall is spectacular, and it’s a bonus that the walk to the viewpoint is suitable for visitors of all ages and abilities.

View of waterfall amidst rocks and trees

Water Rentals

7. Glacier Park Boat Company

Small watercraft rentals, offered by Glacier Park Boat Company, are a fantastic way to experience Two Medicine from an entirely new perspective. Being on the water is such a special way to see the park, in my opinion! Glacier Park Boat Company offers, rowboats, canoes, kayaks, and motorboats for cruising around Two Medicine Lake. For more information about watercraft rentals in Two Medicine, visit Glacier Park Boat Company’s website.

Canoes on bank of lake near boathouse in the mountains
Map showing points of interest in East Glacier

East Glacier

8. Looking Glass Road (Highway 49)

Looking Glass Road (also called Highway 49) is a scenic drive just outside the park boundary on the Blackfeet reservation. To get from Kiowa to East Glacier on Highway 49 is roughly 12 miles. You can drive Looking Glass Road to get from St. Mary to the Two Medicine Valley, or you can drive from East Glacier toward Two Medicine. You will see expansive vistas of mountains and plains, wildlife habitat, and unique geology. Personally, I often enjoy the Looking Glass Road even more than the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Something about driving where the mountains meet the rolling aspen parklands and wide-open prairie is really special. 

View of Looking Glass Road winding around the valley in East Glacier

9. Glacier Park Lodge

Glacier Park Lodge was built in 1913 by the Great Northern Railway. Louis Hill, the president of the Great Northern Railway, dreamed of a tourist empire in Glacier National Park. Wealthy easterners would ride the train from St. Paul, MN to East Glacier, MT to begin their journey through Glacier National Park via horseback. Glacier Park Lodge is a beautiful building full of history and is open to the public.

Glacier Park Lodge
Waterfall among trees in mountains


10. Serrano’s Mexican Restaurant

Serrano’s Mexican Restaurant is exactly what it sounds like it would be—Mexican food in the middle of nowhere Montana. I cannot say it is the best food I have ever eaten, but I can say that just about any food tastes absolutely incredible after a long day of exploring Glacier. Portions are generous at this popular eatery in East Glacier.

Tacos and french fries

11. Rock and Roll Bakery

The Rock and Roll Bakery is just down the road from Serrano’s and boasts an incredible selection of cookies, pies, and other baked goods. If you have a sweet tooth, do not miss this opportunity to stock up on delicious sweet treats.

12. Brownie’s Hostel and Bakery

Brownie’s Bakery is a wonderful place to stop for a bite to eat. Last summer, after a backpacking trip, Brownie’s was the first place I went for food. I ate an entire pizza, a two-scoop ice cream cone, and a huckleberry cheese danish.  I’m not sure I can recommend repeating that exact meal, but I can certainly recommend Brownie’s as a place to eat!

Woman eating pizza

What Else Do I Need to Know?

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