Where can you find wildlife in Grand Teton?

The best places to find animals at Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park is one of the BEST places to see wildlife in the Lower 48 states. It doesn’t even have to take a backseat to Yellowstone National Park.

So, where can you find wildlife in Grand Teton?

Animals are found all over Grand Teton National Park, including moose, elk, bison, deer, pronghorn (antelope), eagles, foxes, porcupines, and marmots.

You can see wildlife just about anywhere in the park, but it helps to know where to look to increase your chances!

Moose-Wilson Road

The Moose-Wilson road extends from Moose Junction (in the park) and veers south to the town of Wilson (out of the park).

This is partially a dirt road and is not RV-friendly.

Moose and bears are common here, so much that it often gets closed if there is too much bear activity.

Oxbow Bend

Oxbow Bend is a turnout on Highway 191 near the top of Teton Park Road, but I’m really referring to this entire area, from Signal Mountain Lodge (on Teton Park Road) to Moran Junction (just beyond Oxbow Bend).

I’ve seen a big bull elk just about every time I’ve been in this area. Bears frequent the area as well.

The famous Bear 399’s den was located nearby.

Oxbow Bend is a pull-out that is very popular for photographers because it also has nice scenic shots of Mount Moran.

Schwabacher Landing

This is a stop on Highway 89/191, which is also called the Outer Road (as opposed to Teton Park Road, which is the Inner Road). The sign isn’t as big as the other stops for some reason, so you’ll have to keep an eye out. Once you turn off, you’ll drive on a dirt road to a parking lot.

There is a little dirt path in which you can walk along the river. It’s very popular for photographers because you get the river, the trees, and the mountains in one shot.

It’s common to see moose down by the river.

Mormon Row/Gros Ventre

Mormon Row has some buildings from early Mormon settlers that are a hot spot for photographers looking for a typical “American West” photo.

It’s on a dirt road that heads south to Gros Ventre Road.

Bison near Mormon Row

This entire loop – Antelope Flats, Mormon Row, and Gros Ventre Road – is an incredible area to spot animals.

It can be a bumpy ride. It can be done in a car or van, but be aware.

Moose near Gros Ventre

We’ve had many moose sightings as well as antelope, bison, and deer.

The Snake River

The Snake River flows through Grand Teton National Park, and it is one of the BEST ways to see wildlife!

Though Jackson Hole is famous for whitewater adventures, you can also do calm scenic floats through Grand Teton National Park. We’ve done both!

One of our most treasured memories of Grand Teton was when we did a scenic float through Triangle X. Not only did they feed us dinner, but then we got to feel the cool mountain breeze while we floated on the river.

Eagles hung out in the trees looking for fish and beavers were busy building dams. What a cool experience to see these animals up close!



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