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    15 delicious places to eat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming [Grand Teton & Jackson]

    Leek’s Pizza

    by Matt, Jan 2022

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned helping people plan their trips is that people LOVE eating out!  Eating is a major part of many people’s vacations. 

    We’ve eaten at quite a few different places in Grand Teton, but we opened this question up to our Instagram followers and YouTube subscribers to get their favorites as well.  

    Here they are!


    Dornan’s is a mini-resort that is technically located just outside Grand Teton National Park, but actually right in the heart of the park, close to the park headquarters. 

    Dornan’s offers lodging and outdoor recreation rentals (bikes, kayaks, etc.).  

    They also have a few different food options.

    • The Pizza and Pasta company was mentioned multiple times by our followers. They said the food was great and you can’t beat the views of the Tetons while you eat!
    • The Chuckwagon serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We haven’t eaten here but we smelled it when we were renting bikes and we almost wanted to ditch the bike ride!
    • Every Monday night Dornan’s hosts the Hootenanny. This is a night of live music, food, and drink. Admission is free. 

    Leek’s Pizza

    We heard a lot about Leek’s and so we finally ate here last year.  You can’t beat the views, as you’ll eat on the deck next to Jackson Lake.

    The Pizza was great! It’s quite crispy, but FYI, it’s a little on the greasy side — that may be to your liking or not. 

    Leek’s is operated by the Signal Mountain Lodge.

    Trapper Grill

    Here’s another one we heard about quite a bit, and it was mentioned multiple times by our followers. 

    The Trapper Grill serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

    It is operated by the Signal Mountain Lodge, which is a full-scale resort. It’s a little older but more affordable than some others. It’s located on the shores of Jackson Lake in a really nice location (probably a result of being one of the first resorts on the lake). 

    It’s also famous for its heaping mound of nachos!  We just stopped here for a nacho snack last year and the nachos were fun for our family to munch on. 

    Piste and Off-Piste 

    These are two halves of the same restaurant, and they are located in Teton Village at the top of the mountain. To get there, you must ride the Gondola to the top. 

    The Piste is a sit-down restaurant and you need reservations for it. Off-Piste offers grab-and-go pizza that you can eat out on the deck.

    But the open portion of the deck can fill up and you might find yourself standing around a bit waiting for a table to open up. If you want a guaranteed table on the deck, get a reservation at Piste.


    One of our readers said they ate multiple meals at Sidewinders! It’s a sports bar “pub and grub” spot with a lot of offerings besides just burgers.


    Bubba’s is a BBQ place that has A LOT of reviews on Google, which tells me it’s quite popular! It’s been here a long time, which also tells me that it’s in business for a reason.

    But there’s more than just BBQ here! One of our readers really liked the breakfast.

    Nora’s Fish Creek Inn

    Nora’s Inn has been around forever! People love the Banana Bread French Toast, Biscuits and Gravy, and Sourdough Pancakes for breakfast.

    As of 2022, it appears it might be closing, so check the website first!

    Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream

    Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream is located right by the Town Square in Jackson. We knew it was good when there was a huge line!

    People like the Coco Loco, Wild Huckleberry, and Sorbet with Rum. We tried the usual chocolate and loved it.

    The Best of Jackson, Wyoming: 14 Great Things to Do!

    Cowboy Coffee Co.

    People call this a “great little coffee shop.” There’s often a line out the door (good sign) but it moves quickly.

    They also serve breakfast and pastries.

    Jenny Lake Lodge

    If you’re looking for a premium experience, check out the Jenny Lake Lodge.

    They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Reservations are required for dinner and recommended for breakfast and lunch.

    Dinner costs $100. Yes, $100.

    Liberty Burger

    Get a bison burger at Liberty Burger!

    Diners like the milkshakes, onion rings, skinny fries, and the torch Jalapeno Crunchy and Cheese.

    Pinky G’s

    Pinky G’s has won multiple awards for the best pizza in Jackson Hole. They’ve even been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives!

    Mangy Moose

    The Mangy Moose is an iconic restaurant that is located at the bottom of Teton Village and has been around FOREVER. Their t-shirts are worn all over the West!

    Jackson Lake Lodge

    Jackson Lake Lodge is the crown jewel of the lodges in Grand Teton National Park. It’s a really impressive place to visit even if you’re not staying OR eating there!

    This is another higher-end option. But you do have multiple choices here.

    • The Mural Room is your basic sit-down restaurant, with great views of the Tetons.
    • The Blue Heron Lounge is mostly a spot to grave a drink and look at the Tetons.
    • The Pioneer Grill is a ’50s style diner that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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    We’re Matt and Cheryl, and we’re in the Rockies. :) We are both teachers. Cheryl teaches special ed, and Matt teaches American history. We love the American West and the national parks. We want to help you have a great vacation on your next trip to the Rockies.


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