4 Things to do at Granite Hot Springs near Grand Teton National Park

Granite Hot Springs near Jackson, WY

Granite Hot Springs is a nice little oasis about an hour outside of crowded Jackson, Wyoming. It is managed by the Forest Service. It requires driving on an 8-mile dirt road to access it.

Here are some things you can do at Granite Hot Springs.

Get in the Hot Springs

granite hot springs near grand teton

The hot springs were developed in the 1930s by the CCC. The pool is quite small but perfectly tucked into the mountainside.

granite hot springs near grand teton

You must pay a small entry fee to get in the pools. They may not accept a credit card, so check the official website before going.

The hot springs are open year-round.

granite hot springs near grand teton

Walk to the waterfall

granite hot springs near grand teton

Near the hot springs is a very nice waterfall. It’s more impressive in person than in pictures. It only requires a small walk from the parking lot.

granite hot springs near grand teton


The Granite Creek campground is a wonderful area to camp as it is much more secluded than the campgrounds in the Jackson Hole valley. As of 2023, they do not accept reservations – it is first come, first served only. It has about 50 sites.

Dog sled tour

In the winter you can book an Iditarod Dog Sled Tour through Jackson Hole Sled Dog Tours. They will take you to Granite Hot Springs for a soak, then a return ride.

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