Four Spectacular Rocky Mountain Road Trips

What can be more exciting than a road trip? A road trip between national parks, of course!  There are many incredible road trips to take that can start at Rocky Mountain National Park reaching in all directions to offer some of the best Rocky Mountain scenery and experiences. In this piece, four such trips are […]

11 Best Campgrounds In and Around Rocky Mountain National Park

Camping in the Rocky Mountains is a glorious experience. The symphony of birds greeting the rising sun, the fresh pine-scented mountain air, and chilly night-time temperatures combine to make camping in the mountains an unforgettable time. There are many options for camping in and around Rocky Mountain National Park, but being informed, prepared, and flexible […]

How Long Does it Take to Drive Through Rocky Mountain National Park?

A drive through Rocky Mountain National Park is the easiest way for people of all ages and abilities to see the best of what this spectacular Park has to offer. So how long should you plan to spend driving through the park? It takes about two hours to drive the most direct route through Rocky […]

Which is the Best Entrance to RMNP?

Entrance station to Rocky Mountain

There are two entrances on the east side of Rocky Mountain National Park and one on the west side where you can purchase your entry, get maps and the newsletter, and all are located near Rocky Mountain visitor centers. But, which one is the best? On the west side of the Continental Divide, the best […]

A Complete Guide to Driving Old Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park

For three incredible months, Rocky Mountain National Park visitors have a rare opportunity to drive on a dirt road that climbs from the Endovalley picnic area (elevation 8,638) up to the Alpine Visitor Center (elevation 11,796) in just eleven miles. Old Fall River Road opened in 1920 and  Rocky Mountain’s staff have kept this road […]

The Best Times to Visit Rocky Mountain + 3 Times to Avoid

Rocky Mountain National Park is 415 square miles of mountains, rivers, alpine lakes, and wildlife. It’s a wonderful place to visit, year-round, but there are times when the experience can be less than rewarding.  The weather, wildlife, and scenery are stunning in early fall, late spring, and in the height of summer (in Rocky Mountain, […]

Bear Lake Road in Rocky Mountain National Park: A Complete Guide

Bear Lake with Longs Peak above

Bear Lake Road, aka the Bear Lake Corridor, is the most popular of Rocky Mountain National Park.  It’s so popular that Rocky Mountain’s timed-entry reservation options include one just for this area during the height of the visitation season. Despite seasonal crowding, this is truly a must-see area of Rocky Mountain; it’s rich with history […]

Will I Get Altitude Sickness When I Visit Rocky Mountain National Park?

Reaching the highest peaks in the United States is on many people’s bucket lists, but will the high altitude affect you? Whether or not you or your companions will get altitude sickness while visiting Rocky Mountain National Park is a bit unpredictable.  Young and old, fit and unfit, suffer from this with very little prior […]