Winter in Yellowstone: What to Expect + Things to Do

Snow cat driving on snow in Yellowstone

Only a fraction of Yellowstone’s 4 million visitors choose to explore the park in the winter. Although much of the park is shut down with subzero temperatures, many believe it is still worth visiting. Yellowstone’s official winter season usually goes from mid-December through mid-March, depending on the snowpack. Guests can snowmobile, snowshoe, cross-country ski, ice […]

Which Yellowstone Entrance is Right for You?

buffalo in road at yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is huge! In fact, it’s larger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined. It’s so big that there are 5 entrances to the park. My husband and I have been helping people visit Yellowstone for the last few years, and we’ve learned some of the challenges people face when planning their trip. One […]

The 9 Best Areas & Places to Stay in Yellowstone

Front of old faithful inn Yellowstone

Where you choose to stay when visiting Yellowstone makes a BIG difference! Some locations are near the Grand Loop of Yellowstone, while others are hours away. In this video, we share with you the best locations to obtain lodging, as well as the pros and cons of each location on our list. Watch now so […]

Top 10 Activities To Do NEAR Yellowstone National Park

Picture of bears in grizzly encounter

Yellowstone is a wonderful place to visit and the sightseeing is amazing…but sometimes you need a break. Do you ever want to experience an adventure? Or visit a place off the beaten path? Or see a hidden gem? Watch our video to discover the top 10 things to do outside of Yellowstone National Park. Here […]

How to Visit Yellowstone in Winter: 14 Things to Know

Woman walking on boardwalk near hot springs in Yellowstone

Yellowstone in the winter is a completely different experience than in the summer. Only a small part of the park is open to vehicles. To see the rest of the park, you need a snowmobile, or you’ll need to book a tour on a snow coach. You will also want to have good gear, dinner […]

Where to Get Groceries and Eat Picnics in and Around Yellowstone & Grand Teton


Food. You won’t get very far without it. Groceries are a must! No matter how you travel to Yellowstone, you are going to need groceries (unless you plan on eating out the entire time). Check out this ultimate Yellowstone grocery guide that includes locations, general information, price comparison, and what groceries you can expect to […]

How to Visit Hayden Valley in Yellowstone (Things to See and Do)

Hayden Valley is a beautiful valley in Yellowstone. You may be wondering, “What is there to do in Hayden Valley?“ Hayden Valley in Yellowstone is popular for spotting wildlife. There is no singular attraction or large parking area in Hayden Valley. It’s a large valley located on the Grand Loop Road providing expansive views and […]

Things to Do at Tower-Roosevelt in Yellowstone National Park

Tower Falls Yellowstone

The Tower-Roosevelt stop in Yellowstone isn’t a major stop, but there are definitely a few attractions here that we love that you should know about.  The name of this stop comes from the towering waterfall located here, as well as the fact that Teddy Roosevelt once camped near here.  Getting There  Tower-Roosevelt is in the […]