The complete guide to Yellowstone Lake & the Lake Area

by Matt, July 2022 Perhaps you’ve looked at the map of Yellowstone National Park and noticed the massive Yellowstone Lake and wondered, “What can I do at Yellowstone Lake?” Yellowstone Lake is NOT a place to swim; it’s too cold and dangerous for that. But it is a place to boat, fish, and have your […]

Do I Really Need Bear Spray in Yellowstone?

by Matt, July 2022 Yellowstone is one of the few places in the Lower 48 states with grizzly bears. Many Yellowstone “first-timers” often ask me if Yellowstone is safe to visit. What they really want to know is: How likely is a bear attack? Should I bring bear spray to Yellowstone? If you do any […]

West Thumb & Grant Village: Yellowstone’s Secluded South

by Matt, July 2022 West Thumb is one of the more popular geyser areas in Yellowstone National Park, and nearby Grant Village offers places to stay, eat, and play.  With Lake Yellowstone and plenty of wildlife nearby, you’ll definitely want to consider putting West Thumb on your Yellowstone itinerary!  In this article, I’ll cover all […]

The Complete Guide to Old Faithful & Yellowstone’s Geyser Region

by Matt, July 2022 Old Faithful is Yellowstone’s most iconic feature. Bears & bison have both staked their claim to Yellowstone’s symbolism, but they’ve come and gone. True to its name, Old Faithful has always faithfully represented Yellowstone. This area of the park – the southwest portion of the Lower Loop – is the densest […]

The complete guide to Madison in Yellowstone National Park

The Madison area isn’t a major stop in Yellowstone, though Madison Valley is quite scenic and is a good place to see wildlife.  Though not a “must-see,” Madison is an underappreciated area in Yellowstone National Park. Lamar Valley and Hayden Valley get all the love, but Madison is nice as well! Things to do in Madison […]

The Complete Guide to Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone


Mammoth Hot Springs is one of the more popular areas in Yellowstone National Park. The park headquarters are located in Mammoth, which is the largest village inside Yellowstone. Mammoth offers abundant wildlife (particularly elk, which roam the streets), a unique and massive geological feature, history, lodging, restaurants, and even a clinic! Welcome to my mom’s […]

Does Yellowstone Require a Timed Reservation Ticket?

by Matt, June 2022 Popular national parks can get crowded during their busy seasons, so it’s important to make the necessary reservations before embarking on your trip. Not all parks have the same requirements when it comes to bookings and reservations, so it’s important to do the research for that specific park. If you’re planning […]

Can I Ride Horses in Yellowstone?

By Matt, Updated June 2022 Yellowstone National Park is one of America’s most beloved outdoor tourist attractions. Nestled between Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, it seems only fitting that visitors are inclined to experience this park on horseback, cowboy style. But can you ride horses in Yellowstone? Yellowstone permits visitors to travel on horseback around the […]

Where Can I Book a Helicopter Tour of Yellowstone or Grand Teton?

by Matt, May 2022 So you’re thinking of touring Yellowstone or Grand Teton? These national parks and their surrounding areas are some of the most beautiful areas in the United States. One of the best ways to experience the scale of these areas is to tour them with a helicopter. There are several companies that […]

Spotting Wildlife in Yellowstone: Where to Rent Binoculars or a Scope

by Matt, May 2022 If you plan on visiting Yellowstone any time soon, you may want to spot some breathtaking wildlife as you hike the trails of the park. You don’t want to miss out on the beauty, so make sure to rent binoculars or a scope so you will be able to spot the […]