Road Trips

We LOVE road-tripping through America! Ever since we were a newlywed couple driving from San Francisco to New York, we have loved seeing America from the road.

Here are a few things that can make your road trips a little nicer.

What to pack for your National Parks road trip [Arches, Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon]

Water Jug

Sursip 1 Gallon, Vacuum Sealed Insulated, Travel Water bottle– We finally got rid of our cheap water jug we bought 19 years ago. It leaked, spilled when we poured it, and didn’t keep drinks cold. All these problems were solved with the Sursip. We bought this one because it was half the price of its high-end competitors as well as had half the customer complaints! We have not been disappointed. We like that the sturdy handle is attached to the lid to make filling the jug easier. Although the ice retention is around 8 hours (way less than the competitors), our family normally has used all that water way before then on our road trips.


Lifetime 77 Quart Cooler– We received a cooler as a wedding gift 19 years ago and decided it was time to upgrade to something that didn’t need ice replaced daily. After alot research online and asking family and neighbors, we decided on this cooler made by Lifetime. Here is what we like about it. 1. It is incredibly sturdy and well made. This will most likely be the last cooler we ever own. 2. Up to 9 days ice retention. So far we’ve seen it last 4 days but are pleased with those results since it was 100 degrees on our last trip. 3. It has water spout to easily drain the cooler of melted ice. 4. The latches are one hand release and easy to open and close. 5. It is locally made in the West. Yep it’s from a company right in Utah. 6. It was 1/3 the cost of its upper end competitor but had the same features.

This a a large cooler but Lifetime makes many sized of coolers. Find the size that is right for you. A great cooler is a road trip must!


Minky Couture Blanket-There is nothing in the world softer and more comfortable than a Minky blanket and they are made right here in the West-in Utah. We happen to own a few of their blankets, as do most Utahns. We love the silky, plush feel with the silky trim. Plus the weight of the blanket is so comforting. Minky makes a variety of blankets in different sizes, patterns, and weights, but we think the Summer S’more print is perfect for a road trip. Why not take the best blanket around for your long drive and make it a heavenly experience!?! Minky Couture also makes beautiful blankets to cozy up with around the house and baby blankets that make a fantastic gift. Use the code WEREINTHEROCKIES45 for 45% off your purchase.


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