20 Great Things to Do Near Bear Lake

20 Great Things to do near Bear Lake [Utah and Idaho]

Bear Lake is a gorgeous lake on the border of Utah and Idaho. In this video, we’ll take you to Tremonton, Utah to see the home of the Candy Bomber. Then we’ll see some smaller towns like Brigham City and Logan before driving through Logan Canyon to see beautiful Bear Lake. From Bear Lake, we’ll see some Old West sights like the Oregon Trail Center in Montpelier, Idaho, the bank that Butch Cassidy robbed, and Soda Springs, where pioneers along the Oregon Trail used to stop to make soda pop! Then it’s off to Preston, Idaho, where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed! Finally, we’ll soak in some hot springs in Lava Hot Springs before finishing up at the Golden Spike National Historic Site. Here is what we cover:

  • Introduction
  • Preview
  • Map Overview
  • Tremonton, UT
  • Candy Bomber
  • Brigham City, UT
  • Mantua, UT
  • Logan, UT
  • Logan Canyon
  • Bear Lake
  • Pickleville Playhouse
  • Raspberry Days
  • Laketown Rodeo
  • ATV Ride
  • Bloomington Lake
  • Montpelier, ID
  • Oregon Trail Center
  • Butch Cassidy Bank
  • Preston, ID
  • Soda Springs, ID
  • Lava Hot Springs, ID
  • Downata Hot Springs
  • Golden Spike National Historic Site



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