Best Clothing

You are exposed to the elements when you travel Staying warm, cool, dry and comfortable is essential to you enjoying your vacation. If you can look good too, that’s all the better. Here are my favorites.

Zip-up Hoodie

Unless you are going to Zion National Park in July, you’ll want a light jacket for the cool mornings and evenings. A zip-up hoodie is the best choice to make all those temperature changes easy to deal with. I love this Life Is Good hoodie sold on Amazon.

Every piece of Life Is Good clothing that I’ve ever bought was a fit great, made of soft, comfortable material, and lasted until I was ready for a new look. Their whole mission is “Spread the Power of Optimism” and all their clothes come with great sayings with cool fonts and pictures. They are perfect for sending a friendly message to fellow travelers as you pass them on hiking trails and boardwalks. Comes in men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes.


Goodr Polarized Sunglasses– Great gear shouldn’t just be for runners! Cheryl received a pair of these in her swag bag after completing a half marathon and they’ve been her go-to sunglasses for the past to years. They are light, comfortable, never slip, and the polarized lens keep the glare away. After Matt had stolen them a few too many times, he finally bought his own pair. We are a Goodr family. Plus, they are an incredible value for the quality of glasses they are.

Fitness Clothing

You aren’t going to believe this, but if you are going somewhere like Zion or Bryce where you’ll be doing alot of hiking, this is what people wear. I couldn’t believe all the spandex and sports bras I saw on my last trip to Zion. At first I thought it was funny but now that is what I wear (except I wear a shirt too!) I can’t believe I’ve been wearing jeans or cargo shorts for years. Fitness clothing offers breathability and flexibility that my typical shorts could never provide. Plus they dry out quickly if you get wet and fold up small in your suitcase or backpack and aren’t prone to wrinkling.

The best place to buy fitness clothing is Fabletics. Created for women of all shapes and sizes, this is a high quality product that will not disappoint. I’ve been a fitness instructor for 10 years and this is by far the best line of clothing I have purchased. Here’s why….


I have a classic black pair of high wasted yoga pants that I have owned for over 4 years. I wear them at least once a week either to teach a class, play softball, or as my outfit for the day with some boots and a longer shirt. They still look incredible and fit perfectly.

While wearing another pair of Fabletics leggings, I was running on the road and fell…… hard. My knees were completely tore up. But you know what didn’t even snag, my leggings! I still wear them now. In fact, to this day, I haven’t had to discard any of my Fabletics clothing due to wear and tear.

Fashion and fit

I’ll admit that sometimes I end up in my workout clothes well into the afternoon. I love that there are options to buy workout outfits that can double for a regular outfit. These are perfect for vacations where you will be hiking a bunch. You’ll be comfy on the trail but still look great at dinner that night.

The cut of their leggings is flattering. The material and style hold you in so you can feel confident there isn’t any unwanted jiggling. If you aren’t comfortable picking out your own stuff, they will hand pick clothes for you.

Trust me that you will be happy with this product. Don’t be scared that it’s a membership. They are so flexible on your ordering and don’t give you any grief if you decide to cancel. If you don’t like what you picked out or it doesn’t fit right, just mail it back for free.


Pay close attention to this……. you DON’T need hiking boots. A good pair of trail runners will keep your feet much more comfortable by offering flexibility, cushioning and breathability and the traction on them will keep you from slipping. Plus you’ll be able to wear them around for other things after your vacation.

I sold athletic shoes for a couple of years and learned that everyone has their own brand preference, but after being a runner for 22 years, Asics is my brand. Here’s why.


I’ve been to running specialty shops and paid upwards of $150 for a pair of running shoes that were supposed to be just right for my type of stride and running style. They have never been better than my Asics. I usually pick up a pair of Asics Ventures (on Amazon) that will last me for 6 months to a year of weekly running. When I retire them from running, I wear them hiking and gardening and they will last until my newer pair of running shoes wears out.

These shoes can typically be purchased for between $50-$80 dollars which is a great deal compared to similar quality running shoes of other brands.


Every brand has their patented cushioning system but I find the foam system that Asics uses is superior. Nothing feels softer on my feet and is able to endure the constant impact I put my shoes through. I’ll be an Asics customer for life.


Hoka Arahi Running Shoe– Matt gets significant leg pain because his feet pronate (vibrate) when we walks or runs. These shoes have taken care of that and made hiking possible for him again. The wide base with a sturdy grip have made a huge difference. If you are looking for comfortable, light weight running shoes that offer excellent stabilization, these shoes are a good bet. Running shoes aren’t just great for people who run. They are great for hiking and even just to wear for your day to day activities.