Unique Gift Guide for the Traveler

Let’s talk about the traveler for just a minute. My guess is the traveler in your life cares more about experiences than things. After all, “things” can be the wrong size, color or style. Things collect dust and require care. Some people actually own every “thing” they could ever want.

Giving a gift should be a joyful experience. You have the opportunity to bring joy to a person you care about. Too often though, your heart is there but you have no ideas. It’s a terrible feeling. Don’t worry though, I’ve got some great ideas for your traveler that are good anytime of year.

For Someone Really Special

A trip itinerary says so much. It communicates “I love spending time with you” and “you are in my future plans.” You and your loved one can dream about the upcoming trip for months.

One other benefit of giving the itinerary is the peace of mind that the vacation will go great. All the details are included. You can spend time watching YouTube videos together seeing all the cool things you are going to do.

If you want to jazz it up, you can give a Yeti water bottle with a Zion Itinerary or a nice pair of binoculars with the Yellowstone Itinerary.

For the fun lover

If you want a 100% guarantee that your gift will be the life of the party, look no further than the Ion Party Rocker speaker. You may be wondering what you can do with something like this, but let me assure you…… there are plenty of situations to bring the party: dance parties, softball games, Halloween, New Years Eve Karaoke, glow-in-the-dark baseball, and….. camping.

Yes, we take ours on any trip we aren’t flying. Matt once loaded it in a bike trailer and got all the kids to follow him on an 11 mile bike ride. Pure genius! That same trip, we sat on the deck of our VRBO and listened to John Denver because we were in Colorado looking at those Rocky Mountains.

Matt rode in front with the party speaker; kids were happy to ride behind, listening to tunes

The Party Rocker needs to be plugged in to charge but can last hours away from its power source. It is plenty loud as well. The music can be controlled through bluetooth or a USB cord connected to your phone. Although using the lights run the battery out quicker, they bring the party. No one can resist the fun music and lights.

A free app is available where you can control the light colors and speed from your phone. The speaker also comes with a microphone so you can do karaoke or MC.

It is easy to transport because it has wheels and pull-out adjustable handle so you can roll it where you are needing to go. Trust me on this, the Party Rocker will be an instant hit for whoever receives this gift.

For the Homebody

Hey, we can’t travel all the time. But you can give some of the amazing smells of the National Parks (maybe not the rotten egg, sulfur smell from Yellowstone!) The Good and Well Company makes incredible smelling lotions and candles. Each one is named after a National Park. The candles are stylish and smell amazing! The lotion smells so good, Matt says he would wear it (first time in 18 years I’ve ever heard Matt say he’s excited about lotion).

For the Sentimental

No vacation is over if it leaves a memory. However, picture frames and photo books are pretty common gifts. But, what if you ordered a customized poster of a location you know has special meaning to your special someone? At Just Go Travel Studios, you can have a very classy, very personalized poster created exactly how you want it. The owners will respond to you immediately and even send you a proof before printing to make sure it meets your standards. You can send your own image or use one of their old-school looking posters and personalize your memories on it.

There you have it, 4 unique gift ideas for the traveler in your life. Happy gifting and safe travels.


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