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January 2022 Newsletter: Resolutions

by Matt

Still working on those New Year’s resolutions? While everyone is busy working on subtracting things (weight, bad habits, etc), how about adding some excitement by making some travel resolutions or goals! 

Yes, resolutions can be fun! 

Here’s some travel-related resolution ideas for 2022:

Can’t travel far? That’s okay. Try these ideas 

  • Visit the closest national park site to you 
  • Visit the closest state park to you 
  • Visit the closest museum to you (you’ll be surprised what you can learn) 
  • Visit your own state capitol 
  • Visit the highest point in your state. 

Post a picture on instagram and tag us @wereintherockies so we can see what great places you’re visiting this year!

As for us, we’re planning on visiting Europe for the first time, as well as many of our favorite places again:

  • Las Vegas
  • Arches
  • Canyonlands
  • Capitol Reef
  • Glacier 

We will make self-guided tours for all of these places (Glacier is already complete). 

– Matt 

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We’re constantly adding new material to our website to help you plan your trips out West. Here are some recent articles:

Self-Guided Tours

Our travel guides are designed as self-guided tours:

  • we give you a step-by-step plan for what to see,
  • and we tell you about it while you’re driving there with our audio guide.

We just finished our guide for Bryce Canyon! It joins our other guides:  Glacier, the Grand CanyonYellowstoneGrand Teton, and Zion.  

Mark your Calendars!

We’re working on doing a Grand Teton LIVE soon, but we’re working through some technical kinks. We’ll send an email when we get it scheduled.