Should You Visit Glenwood Hot Springs Pool? An Honest Review

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

Curious about visiting the Glenwood Hot Springs pool but aren’t sure exactly what it is, what there is to do there, and if it’s worth the >$40 price of admission?

The Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is worth the price. With the main pool being over 405 feet long and over 100 feet wide, it is the world’s largest hot springs pool and includes a diving area, lap swimming, a separate therapy pool with massage chairs, a newly-added children’s area, and a one-of-kind water slide experience, Shoshone Chutes. The onsite grill has above-average food for a pool, cabanas are available to rent, and a spa is onsite for guests willing to pay a higher price.

I’m Cheryl and have visited several hot springs. My husband and I help people travel to the West for our job and always pay for our own experiences so we can tell you what we actually think. I can’t wait to tell you the good (and the bad) about visiting my favorite hot spring in the West, Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.

The GoodThe Bad
Very cleanOver $40 for a pool? Ouch!
No frisky hot tubbersShoshone Chutes is only open 11-6 and had to be drained 3 times during my visit
Delicious food at the grillIf you are trying to cool down, this pool isn’t going cut it.
Amazing views of the mountains and city of Glenwood
Massage chairs in the therapy pool
Lots of shade
Helpful staff that cared + lots of lifeguards on duty
Easy re-entry
Shoshone Chutes water slide
Perfect water temperature 93° F

Tell Me More About the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool

One of the most charming things about this place is that it was built over 130 years ago. Although you can see plenty of modern touches, it still has a classic, old-time feel. Back then (and even now), people believed in the healing power of hot springs.

The Yampah Spring is located on the east end of their property and supplies the water. The pools contain 15 different minerals with the most abundant being sodium chloride, potassium sulfate, calcium sulfate, and calcium bicarbonate. This water is mixed with fresh water because it would be too hot if it wasn’t.

The water has a greenish tint due to the mineral content and a slight rotten egg smell due to the calcium sulfate. You will also notice a bit of corrosion on the metal handrails. All of these slightly unpleasant features are common among hot springs.

The main pool area is huge! It’s over 405 long and 100 feet wide. There are 5 swim lanes and a diving board (where my kids spent a lot of their time). The main area of the pool is around 4 ft deep (I’m estimating). Many people like to bring pool noodles and floaties and lounge.

With the water temperature being a perfect 93° F, guests don’t need to psych themselves up to jump into the pool. It will feel great. It’s also wonderful that you can stay in water at that temperature for extended periods of time without overheating.

pool at Glenwood Hot Springs

If you like hot tubs, the therapy pool is for you. At 104° F, you can relax those sore muscles you may have after exploring the incredible town of Glenwood. Not only is the therapy pool large and comfortable, even with many guests in it, but the therapy chairs are amazing!

The therapy chairs allow guests to extend their legs while jets massage their necks, shoulders, back, calves, and ankles. I’ve never seen anything like it and thoroughly enjoyed having my legs get a little TLC.

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Sopris Springs

Speaking of uniqueness, the new kid’s area, added in 2019, is really something else. In addition to the typical splash pad, there is a very shallow pool area with a mini waterfall and a couple of kiddie-sized waterslides.

What really impressed me was the material they used to cover the ground. It looked just like cement but it was soft, resistant to heat, and not slippery at all. A toddler will be safe and comfortable here.

My very favorite part of the expansion is Shoshone Chutes. I can best describe it as Grizzly River Rapids (of Disneyland) meets a lazy river. Guests can float on single or double tubes through Glenwood Spring’s version of the Colorado River. The 3-minute path winds through rocks and trees where the rider will encounter leisurely parts and quick gusts of speed with rapids. I loved it and went on it as many times as I could.

Guests under 36″ must ride with an adult and I noticed many toddlers riding with their parents. I enjoyed riding the double tube with my 10-year-old and saw several couples riding together as well.

Other Amenities and Information

The grill is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although I thought paying $18 for a burger, fries and a Coke was a bit steep for food at a pool, they actually were grilling the food outside on the grill. I tried their pina colada smoothie and it was really delicious.

One special touch is that locker rental is free. I also appreciated that the outdoor showers to remove the mineral water after you exit the pool are actually warm-unusual for a pool.

Lastly, cabana rentals are available for full or half days and start at rates of $165 and up.

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool cabana

Although the pool is open year-round, hours do change throughout the year. When I was there in the summer, it was open from 9 am-9 pm daily.

Should You Go?

The Glenwood Hot Springs Pool is unique to Glenwood Springs so it goes on my list of things you have to do to say you have done the city of Glenwood properly. If you can stomach the $42 entrance fee and don’t mind the occasional wait at Shoshone Chutes, this is something you could really enjoy.

My family enjoyed the option of coming and going throughout the day. The facility was clean, beautiful, with a variety of things to do, and run by caring employees who helped create a great experience.



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