Shopping in Downtown Banff: 8 Iconic Stores You Can’t Miss!

Downtown Banff at night

The best place to shop in Banff is Banff Avenue, the main street that runs through town. This is the busiest place in town due to its wide range of shops and eateries.

Banff has something for every shopper, whether you’re in the mood for high-end fashion, local thrift treasures, art, outdoor gear and clothing, or souvenirs. Most shops are open daily and remain open into the evening, so there’s plenty of time to browse after a day of activities. Shopping in Banff is a great activity to do on bad weather days.

There are a few stores on Banff Avenue that I always visit, which is often as I grew up visiting the area yearly and now live 20 minutes away. I consider these shops the iconic shops of Banff because of their longstanding presence in the town and/or their unique atmosphere that makes me keep coming back.

Store signs on Banff Avenue in Banff, CA
Banff Avenue Shopping

1. Monod’s

Monod’s is the go-to store for outdoor clothing and gear in Banff. It carries the largest selection of the latest and greatest in equipment, clothing, climbing gear, footwear, and outdoor gadgets. Make sure to check out the discount area at the back of the store where you can grab some great deals. This is a multi-level store so don’t be scared to explore.  

What makes Monod’s so great is the family are accomplished winter athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, so they’re very knowledgeable and provide great service. Hollywood celebrities, NHL hockey players, and other professional athletes are known to request private shopping hours at Monod’s. 

The family has a 70-year legacy servicing the Banff community and has a ski run at Mount Norquay, “Monod’s Legacy,” named after them.

Check Monod’s website for store hours.

2. Spirit of Christmas

Welcome to the North Pole! This Christmas store is my all-time favorite, and I visit it every time I’m in Banff because I always leave happy. The first thing you see when you enter is a huge, decorated Christmas tree in front of a low central swirling staircase. The store has multiple levels with small side nooks full of ornaments, each with a different theme. If you are looking for special and unique Christmas ornaments this is the place to come. 

The store also carries nativity sets, advent calendars, villages, collectibles, and everything else that makes Christmas bright. I never leave without a few stocking stuffers no matter what time of the year it is. The shop doesn’t just celebrate Christmas, it also has seasonal items to celebrate Halloween and Easter, as well as general gifts such as toys, stuffed animals, and other unique items. 

This is a very popular store, so it gets extremely busy. With a lot of breakable items, avoid going into the store with big bags that can bump into things. Also, keep your children close, as there are lots of tempting things to touch. Give yourself plenty of time to browse this magical shop because you won’t be in a rush to leave.

Check the Spirit of Christmas website for store hours.

Spirit of Christmas store located on Banff Avenue

3. Rocky Mountain Soap Company

The Rocky Mountain Soap Company is another one of my favorite stores to browse. It specializes in handmade skincare products using natural ingredients.

Their main product is bar soaps, but it also has bath, hair, skin, and lip products, as well as candles and accessory items, all of which can be tried and tested in the store. They also carry a special line of products for babies and kids. 

All of the products come in a variety of fragrances with staple favorites like vanilla coconut, which I love, to fun scents like root beer, which the kids love. They even have limited-edition seasonal holiday scents like vanilla candy cane, which I look forward to every year. All these scents are wonderful but combined they can be strong so if you are sensitive to smells you might not want to linger in the store too long– though they do sell non-scented items. 

My favorite products are the bath bombs and the body butter, but I enjoy all of their products. 

When I’m looking for a gift for any occasion this is where I come. There’s a selection of pre-made gift boxes with a mixture of products as well as the option to create your own. 

All the products are made in the neighboring town of Canmore. 

Check the Rocky Mountain Soap Company website for store hours.

4. The Fudgery

My mouth waters every time I walk past this store, and it doesn’t help that the storefront has a glass window where you can see all the yummy treats being made. The selection of sweet offerings in this store is incredible so be prepared to have a hard time making a selection.

With over 25 flavors of fudge, a huge variety of candy apples, and a large selection of chocolates, caramels, bear claws, and other specialty treats, you’ll be tempted to want to try them all. I try to limit myself to one or two items a visit.

The portions are generous so a little goes a long way. I also find it a bit pricey so the cost of your selections can quickly add up. 

Check The Fudgery website for store hours.

5. Banff Candy Store

I love this candy store and have been visiting it since I was a child. This was the place you went to for the cool, hard-to-find candy and it still is. The store specializes in a variety of imported international treats, novelty confections, and individual chocolates and fudge.

It’s full of nostalgic niche candy that will bring back memories from your childhood so be ready to spend some time browsing. The store is small and narrow so it can get quite congested with a line of customers extending out to the sidewalk.

Check the Banff Candy Store website for store hours.

6 & 7. Duck, Duck Moose, and The Bare Moose

Duck, Duck Moose is a favorite with children. It’s a quirky souvenir shop that caters to kids, but it’s fun for adults too, which is why I keep returning.

The store is a treasure trove of funky gadgets and toys making it a great place to get unique gifts and stocking stuffers. There’s a great selection of children’s books, games, as well as kids’ clothing and accessories. I picked up a CD of children’s music by a local artist that became a family favorite. 

The Bare Moose, located next door, is a grown-up counterpart to this playful store offering similar souvenir merchandise. Both shops have been locally owned since 1973, making them fixtures in the community. 

Check the Duck, Duck Moose/ The Bare Moose website for store hours.

duck, duck Moose storefront
Duck, Duck Moose

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8. Rocks and Gems

If you love rocks, this is the store for you. Even if you’re not a huge fan of rocks, like me, this store is worth checking out. I enjoy browsing through this store because of its unique items. There’s a large selection of semi-precious stones, minerals, fossils, and even meteorites that have been transformed into jewelry, sculptures, coasters, candleholders, bookends, and more.

This is another store that is busy during the peak tourist season.  

Check the Rocks and Gems website for store hours.

Other Popular Banff Avenue Stores

There are a few other popular stores I visit on Banff Avenue that I don’t consider iconic because they’re not exclusive to Banff nor do they have a long-standing in the community, however, they are Canadian favorites.

Lululemon Athletica

It was an exciting day when Lululemon came to Banff. They have great athletic and leisure wear that’s comfortable and fashionable. It’s not cheap, but the clothing is high quality so it lasts a long time. If you go to the back of the store, there’s a discount rack where you might be able to score a great deal. 

Lululemon is great for repairing clothing at no charge and will also do alterations for a minimal charge. I’ve received excellent service at this store.

Lululemon stores are always busy, and the Banff location is no exception.

Check the Lululemon website for store hours.


Roots is classic Canadian clothing with a cabin style that fits perfectly with the Banff atmosphere. It’s known for its comfortable fleece sweatpants and sweatshirts- I love mine. The beaver, an emblem of Canada, is featured on most of its clothing. 

Check the Roots website for store hours.


This is ‘the’ place to go for ice cream in Banff. The ice cream is hand-made, with a high-fat content, which makes it extra creamy. It offers unique flavors with playful names like “Black Angus Forest”, “Cownadian Maple” and “Cowconut Cream Pie”, all served in freshly made waffle cones. The store is also a gift shop so you can get an assortment of other ‘cow treats’, and cow-themed merchandise. 

When you visit this shop, come with extra room in your stomach and a lot of patience, especially in the summer when the line-ups can be up to 20 minutes long.

Check the Cows website for store hours.

Cows storefront in Banff, CA
Cows on Banff Avenue

Canada Goose

High fashion meets extreme weather at Canada Goose. If you’re looking for luxury cold-weather clothing this is the place to come. The store is located in the Cascade Shops mall located on Banff Avenue. I don’t have much experience with this store, but I thought I’d mention it because it’s always full and their products are very popular.

Check the Canada Goose website for store hours.

The stores highlighted here are just a glimpse of the shopping available in Banff. As you explore the town, be sure to meander through Caribou, Wolf, and Bear Streets, where you’ll find additional stores to add to your shopping experience.

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