Can I Ride an ATV in Yellowstone?

by Matt, May 2022

Yellowstone National Park is full of beautiful scenery and rare wildlife. This makes visiting the national park a huge bucket list item for people all over the world. Some wish to ride ATVs through the park so they can see more of it.

ATVs are not allowed to be ridden in Yellowstone National Park. This is in order to protect the park and its wildlife. However, there are several ATV rental places outside of the park in West Yellowstone, Montana; Cooke City, Montana; and Cody, Wyoming.

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Riding ATVs in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park was the first national park to ever be established, and it is probably one of the most iconic national parks in the country. Tourists flock from all over the world to see Old Faithful, a geyser that erupts about every hour. In addition to several geysers, there is endless beauty and wildlife. It’s not a surprise that visitors would want to rent ATVs and explore the territory in the park.

However, ATVs are not allowed to be ridden in the park and taken off-roading. This would disturb the wildlife and its habitat, which defeats the purpose of the national park. Park Rangers work very hard to make sure that hikers stay on the trail and that nobody leaves designated areas of the park.

However, don’t fret. There are plenty of ATV rental places right outside several of the entrances. This way you can get right next to the park and still explore the beauty, on designated ATV trails. This way it is safer and more respectful. The companies often point you in the right direction for the best scenery and provide maps or other resources to have the best possible experience. (Source)

West Yellowstone

West Yellowstone is right outside the west entrance of the park, with plenty of restaurants, shopping, and activities to do, including ATV rentals.

Here are the three top ATV rentals in West Yellowstone.

Yellowstone ATV

Yellowstone ATV is focused on creating a safe experience, while also making it the best day possible. They know all of the best trails and will direct you to trails based on what you want to see and how experienced you are. ATV riding can get intense, and they would never want to put you or your family in danger. For more information on prices and when the season starts and ends, you can call them at (406) 640-2643. (Source)

Yellowstone Adventure

Yellowstone Adventure is for those who are more experienced and want to go on a more intense ATV ride, with lots of dirt and offroading. They have multiple options to select from and also offer snowmobile tours in the winter months, as well as vacation packages. They do have options for beginners, with the shortest adventures being four hours. Everybody is required to wear a helmet. You must be at least 25 years old to rent and 21 years old to drive the ATVs. The season starts June 16 and ends October 1st, depending on the weather.

There are several options to choose from. The Can-Am Outlander Max seats one person and is $199 a day. The Can-Am Maverick Trail seats two people and is $339 a day. The Can-Am Maverick Sport Max is $429 a day and seats four people. The Can-Am Defender Max is the biggest of them all, seating 6 people and costing $449 a day.

High Mark Rentals

High Mark Rentals is a family business with amazing staff, focused on proving the best experience. Their equipment is top-notch with full-face helmets included in the price, roofs on the vehicles, and new vehicles every year. They are right next to the trailheads and get your family ready to go as soon as possible.

The season starts on May 24th and will run until October 1st. They are open Tuesday through Saturday 8 am to 5 pm, including major holidays. They also allow you to rent coolers, bear spray, radios, and backpacks to make your experience easier.

As far as ATV rentals go, they have the two-seater Can-Am Maverick Trail for $330 a day. The Can-Am Maverick Sport Max DPS seats four people and costs $430 a day. The Can-Am Defender Max DPS costs $450 a day and seats up to six people, which is perfect for your family.

Cooke City

Cooke City is located outside of Yellowstone’s Northeast entrance. It is known to have the prettiest scenic routes in the Yellowstone Area. There are two ATV companies here.

Bearclaw Sales and Services

Not only does Bearclaw Sales and Services have ATV rentals, but they have Snow Mobiles for the winter and a bakery to keep you warm after your ride. The views that you will get when riding their vehicles are unbelievable. Bearclaw has a few rental options, different from West Yellowstone. They also have the option to rent by the hour, half-day, or full-day. All of their rentals are $125 for an hour, $280 for half a day, and between $335 and $385 for a full day. They have vehicles that can fit anywhere from two to six people at a time.

Tread ‘n’ Trails

Tread ‘n’ Trails is located in both Cooke City and Cody, Wyoming. The season in Cooke City starts a little later in July and ends earlier on September 15th. A half-day is four hours and costs $256, while a full-day is eight hours and costs $344. They have two-seat and four-seat vehicles called Polaris RZRs and Rangers.


Cody, Wyoming is located outside of the east entrance of Yellowstone.

Tread ‘n’ Trails

Cody also has Tread ‘n’ Trails with the same vehicles and prices, but different areas to ride in that are just as beautiful as the ones around the other location. The season in Cody runs from the middle of May and ends on September 30th. In addition to the rentals at the Cooke City location, the Cody location has side by sides and slingshots, with the same prices as the Cooke CIty location. Cody and Cooke City may not have as many options, but it is worth it to drive up north of Yellowstone for the great prices and amazing scenic routes.

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Even though you cannot ride ATVs inside Yellowstone National Park, there are still many beautiful locations outside of it with great rentals and trails.



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