Hermits Rest in Grand Canyon National Park

Hermits Rest is located on the western edge of the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park. During the busy season, it’s only accessible by shuttle. (Note: The park service does not use apostrophes in place names for some reason, so it uses Hermits instead of Hermit’s).

Why visit Hermits Rest?

Hermits Rest is a nice way to see more of the Grand Canyon along the South Rim. The ride out there provides some of the best viewpoints of the canyon, and the best part is you don’t have to drive! Just relax in the shuttle while looking over the edge of the canyon.

The shuttle to Hermits Rest

Getting there

During the busy season, you must access Hermits Rest via the Red Line shuttle. Shuttle access begins in the Grand Canyon Village, right where the Blue Line ends.

Viewpoints along Hermits Rest Road

There are some great viewpoints along the Hermits Rest road. You can easily get off the shuttle, check out the viewpoint, and be ready in time for the next shuttle.

Powell Point is my favorite, as it provides views in both directions. A monument to John Wesley Powell, the first man to raft through the Grand Canyon, is located here.

Powell Monument at Powell Point

Hopi Point and Mohave Point provide views of the Colorado River below.

Hopi Point

Mohave Point

Hermits Rest building

The inspiration for this building was based on a man named Louis Boucher, who used to live in the area as a hermit.

The story goes that this building was designed by Mary Colter. In fact, it was probably designed by someone else and decorated by Colter.

The Hermits Rest arch is a popular photo op. Walk inside the building for a snack shop, gift shop, and to see the impressive fireplace and decorations.

Hermit Trail

One of the four hikes originating on the South Rim, this is an unmaintained trail that is very steep and difficult. Experienced hikers find it enjoyable to go to Dripping Springs and back – nearly an all-day hike.

Beware: hiking in the Grand Canyon is brutal!

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