Kolob Canyons In Zion National Park

kolob canyons zion

Kolob Canyons is an underrated section of Zion National Park. It’s overlooked by most visitors to Zion, but it can be a rewarding area to visit if you have some time.

Naming Kolob Canyons

Kolob is a term used by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose members settled and are prevalent in Utah, to refer to a place close to God. Zion has religious terms all over the map, and surprisingly, most of them are not from the Church of Jesus Christ.

Getting There

Access Kolob Canyons by driving on I-15. It’s about 45 minutes away from Zion Canyon and 30 minutes from St. George, Utah.

Freeway Exit

It actually has its own dedicated freeway exit! When you get off the freeway you’ll see the park sign and then…

Kolob Canyons sign

Visitor Center

Kolob Canyons Zion parking lot

Kolob has a small visitor center located right by the entry sign.

Entry Fee

Though it is small and separate from the rest of the national park, it still requires an entry fee if you don’t already have a Zion pass or an America the Beautiful pass.

Kolob Canyons Road

There is only one road in Kolob Canyons. The scenic drive departs from the visitor center over the mountain pass, where the tall, red rock walls majestically appear. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to drive to the end of the road.

Map of Kolob Canyons

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View of Kolob Canyons Zion

Kolob Viewpoint

Kolob Canyons Viewpoint
Timber Creek Overlook trailhead Kolob Canyons Zion

The road ends at the Kolob Viewpoint. Here you can park and view the multiple slot canyons. This viewpoint is a little frustrating because it’s far away and you see the canyons at an angle.

This viewpoint is also the trailhead for the Timber Creek Overlook trail, a short, mostly flat hike that is good for kids and families.

Hikes in Kolob Canyons

Taylor Creek Trail Kolob Canyons Zion
Hike in Kolob Canyons Zion

There are two main hikes in Kolob Canyons:

Taylor Creek Trail

This 4.9-mile roundtrip hike is the most popular hike in Kolob. This gets you into one of the slot canyons and provides incredible views.

The parking lot is not very big and fills up often.

Timber Creek Overlook Trail

This 1.1-mile roundtrip hike starts at the Kolob Viewpoint. It’s flat and easy but does not get you into the canyon.

Is Kolob Canyons Worth It?

Kolob Canyons Zion

Yes, it is worth visiting due to the tall canyon walls and the nice hiking opportunities. Kolob receives a fraction of the visitors that the main part of Zion receives, which is all the more reason to visit!

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Zion National Park is crowded!

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