How to Get to Red Canyon (Peek-A-Boo) in Kanab: On Your Own or With a Tour?

View looking up from Red Canyon Slot (Peek-a-boo Canyon)

Red Canyon Slot (aka Peek-A-Boo Canyon) is a gorgeous place to see and can be reached in multiple ways. It is a picture-perfect slot canyon in the desert of Southern Utah with towering red walls, green moss, Moqui steps, and an immense amount of history. If you enjoy hiking or off-roading then you will have a great time getting to this slot canyon.

Red Canyon Slot (aka Peek-A-Boo Canyon) can be reached by hiking, driving your own private off-roading vehicle or a rented one, or going with a tour company. It is located in the backcountry of Utah’s southern desert so it can be a challenge to get to with pros and cons for each option including experience, time constraints, and cost.

Our family travels all over Utah and Kanab is high on our list of favorite places to visit. We have spent adventures and one of the best destinations in Kanab is Red Canyon.

Keep reading to learn the options and routes to take to get to Red Canyon Slot, and what to expect when you get there!

Where is Red Canyon Slot?

Red Canyon Slot is located between Orderville and Kanab, Utah, near Mt Carmel Junction where you turn off Highway 89 to head into East Zion.

To reach Red Canyon Slot (Peek-A-Boo Canyon), drive on Highway 89 North out of Kanab for 9 miles. Turn towards the East when you reach the “Peek-A-Boo Canyon” sign. You will find a gravel parking lot area just ahead and this is where you can park and begin your hike, or take out your ATV (or other off-roading vehicle) and begin your drive.

Map of Red Canyon slot (Peek-a-boo Canyon)

On the East side of this parking area, you will see a sign for BLM Route 102. Follow this until you reach a wash, then travel West on BLM route 106H and follow this wash until it ends at the slot canyon.

Here you will jump out of your ATV, or other off-roading vehicle, or if you are hiking in, begin your trek into the slot! The slot canyon is 0.7 miles total from the entrance and is truly incredible. It is a decently wide slot canyon, and no special canyoneering is needed.

Don’t Confuse Peek-a-boo Canyon Slot in Kanab with the One in Escalante!

Did you know there are two Peek-a-boo Slot Canyons in Utah? It can be easy to mix the two up! So be sure when you are planning your trip to Red Canyon Slot (Peek-a-boo Canyon Slot) in Kanab you find the right one (see map above for location)!

The Peek-a-boo Slot Canyon in Escalante is about two hours away from Kanab and only requires a 3.5-mile moderate hike, as opposed to the 15-minute drive from Kanab and 8.7 miles it takes to hike (or off-road) to the Peek-a-Boo Slot in Kanab!

Both are beautiful canyons filled with red rock walls and fun pathways, and both are well worth a visit. But for the sake of this article, we will focus on the Peek-a-boo Canyon that is near Kanab.

If you do want to visit Peek-a-boo Slot Canyon in Escalante, you may want to add it to a trip to Escalante or possibly along the way on your trip from Bryce National Park to Capitol Reef National Park. We have plenty of resources on both Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National Parks if you would like to add these to your Utah adventure!

Who Manages it?

Red Canyon Slot (Peek-A-Boo Canyon) is on BLM land and does not require a fee to visit. However, it is a beautiful outdoor space and should be protected. When you visit, please practice the 7 principles of Leave No Trace:

  1. Plan ahead and prepare, know the route, know where you are going, and be prepared with water, food, and emergency items.
  2. Travel & camp on durable surfaces, please only drive on designated roads and don’t damage the area around you!
  3. Dispose of waste properly, don’t leave any garbage behind, and know the rules around human waste in the areas you are visiting.
  4. Leave what you find, do not take anything with you from the trail other than photos and memories.
  5. Minimize campfire impacts, know the rules regarding having a campfire, fire risks, and how to safely extinguish them.
  6. Respect wildlife, do not approach wildlife or feed them.
  7. Be considerate of others, be kind to other groups exploring the area, share the trail, be mindful of your pets, and clean up after them! (This is a pet-friendly trail.)

See for more information on Leave No Trace principles.

To ask further questions and request information, you can visit the Kanab Visitor Center at 745 E Highway 89 in Kanab. You can also reach them by phone at 435-644-1200 or email at,

How Can I Visit Red Canyon?

Red Canyon Slot (Peek-A-Boo Canyon) is not just right off the highway or a quick and easy hike, it takes planning and effort to get out to this slot canyon. You may be wondering, what is the best way to get out to Red Canyon Slot?

There are two ways to get out there: drive off-road or hike. And there are two ways to drive: on your own or with a tour company. Below we will dive into what each of these options look like and the pros and cons of each.

Family in Red Canyon Slot (Peek-a-boo Canyon)
Family in ATV Red Canyon (Peek-a-boo Canyon)

Visiting Red Canyon on Your Own

Don’t want the hassle of booking a tour and working with an agency? Or don’t want the expensive cost of paying a tour guide?

You may want to go ahead and plan to reach Red Canyon on your own. There are two ways, you can either hike it or drive it on off-roading trails!


The hike to Red Canyon is 8.7 miles round trip and rated moderate. A good chunk of this hike will be in deep sand and if you know anything about deep sand hiking, you know it takes extra effort!

The trail is also full sun so be prepared with plenty of water and sunscreen! Download a trail map beforehand as the area has spotty service. Dogs are welcome along this trail but must be on a leash. Since this is a popular off-roading area, you will come across many off-roading vehicles along your way.


If you don’t feel like a hike, you will want to drive the route out to the canyon. The roads to get to Red Canyon are difficult if you do not have a 4WD vehicle with high clearance that is good in off-roading situations. If you have never driven off-road, this may not be something you want to try and you may want to book with a tour company.

If you are comfortable off-roading and have a vehicle that can accommodate the trails and deep sand, be sure to download a map and have a plan in case you get stuck along the way. This is a popular trail so there should be others passing by to help if you get stuck. However, you can’t ever depend on this and you will need to be prepared.

If you are comfortable driving off-road, but don’t have a vehicle that could handle deep sand and off-roading trails, you can also rent a Jeep or ATV in Kanab and drive it out to the canyon. This is a great option and rentals can usually be rented in half-day or full-day increments.

Grab a Rental!

Want to drive out to Red Canyon Slot (Peekaboo) on your own but not compromise your car? Or don’t have a car that can handle the deep sand and offroad trails? Grab a rental car from one of the many rental options in Kanab. Some companies that rent off-roading vehicles in Kanab:

Rentals run ~ $300-$600 depending on how long you will be renting the vehicle and the size of the vehicle you are renting.

Thinking that booking a tour with a guide may be the best option for you? Keep reading to learn about our experience and why we think this is a great way to visit Red Canyon.

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Visiting Red Canyon with a Tour Company

Want to take the hassle out of visiting Red Canyon Slot? Then take a tour with a guide who will point out parts of the canyon and history while you sit back and enjoy an exhilarating ride to the Canyon.

We recently visited Red Canyon Slot with Kanab Tour Company. This was a free tour in exchange for social media marketing. We met up with our guide at their main office in Kanab, signed waivers, and watched their safety video, then got suited up with helmets and goggles and loaded into our Polaris Razors.

We then began our journey to the popular slot canyon. Along the way, we climbed sand dunes, and even stopped for a few minutes to sand board on them! We then continued on the trail until we came to a dead end at the canyon.

Once at Red Canyon Slot our guide walked us through and talked about the history of the area, pointing out good picture spots, fossils, and Moqui steps along the way!

The canyon is beautiful and it was really neat being able to hear more about the history of the area as we walked through the canyon! If you visit, even without a guide, take a few minutes to research the history of this beautiful canyon!

A tour to Red Canyon (Peek-A-Boo Canyon) from Kanab Tour Company runs ~$279 for 2 people and ~$369 for 4 for ATV tours, and ~$225 for a 2-person Jeep tour with an added ~$75 per extra person (up to 5 people). Tours to Peek-a-Boo take around 3 hours.

Other Tour Companies

Of course, Kanab Tour Company is not the only tour company in Kanab that gives guided tours of the canyon. These other companies also offer similar tours:

ROAM Outdoor Adventure Company

ROAM Outdoor Adventure Company offers 2-2 1/2 hour tours for up to 12 people for ages 1-100 with prices at ~$249.00 for 1-2 guests, $369 for a 4-person ATV, and $529 for a 6-person ATV. They also offer combo tours with other sites in the area. They have great reviews online with excellent guides. They will even let you drive if you ask as long as you’re over 21! The tour includes bottled water, a helmet, and goggles and they have a cooler to keep your drinks and snacks cold. If they have to cancel because of the weather they will give you a chance to book a different day or give you a full refund.

Expedition Kanab

Expedition Kanab offers 2-hour ATV tours with prices at $249 for a 1-2 person ATV, $299 for a 3-4 person ATV, and $349 for a 5-person ATV. They also offer a cheaper off-road tour for $80 per person for a minimum of 3 people where they will take you to the trailhead in their off-road van. They also offer a combo tour with the Great Chamber. They provide water for the ATV tour, but ask that you bring extra when it’s hot. Wear comfortable gear and closed-toed shoes. Reviews online are great for this tour company!

Coral Cliff Tours of Kanab

Coral Cliff Tours of Kanab offers private or small group tours (maximum 10 people) with options for combo tours to other areas as well. They are open year-round, weather permitting, Monday through Saturday with tours starting at 8:00 am, 11:00 am, 2:00 pm, and 5:00 pm. Prices start at ~$90.00 per person with the price going down as the number of people goes up with a gas surcharge included for private tours. Tours last 2-3 hours and they will even pick you up if you are staying local to Kanab. They ask that you bring your own water, sun protection, and appropriate clothing. They also will give you a refund or the chance to rebook if they have to cancel because of the weather. They have great reviews online with nothing but nice things to say about the guides.

Pros and Cons

The best way to visit Red Canyon really comes down to personal preference and budget. Below is a chart showing the pros and cons of each way to visit Red Canyon Slot.

HikingFree, no need to drive off-roadLong hike in full sun and deep sand
Driving your own carFree (except gas), no prior booking or time constraints, go when you choose. No long hikes, bring along as many snacks and drinks as you want.Potential of getting stuck in deep sand and the possibility of damage to your car.
Renting an ATV or Jeep
No damage to your own personal vehicle, the vehicle is possibly better equipped to handle the roads and deep sand.
Can be pricey, if you damage the vehicle you have to pay for repairs.
TourDo not have to drive or hike, no stress about getting stuck or having to pay for repairs or damage. Knowledgeable guides.Cost, time constraints-you can only be out there for your allotted time and need to meet up at a specified time to leave.

What Should I Know Before I Visit?

Family in Red Canyon Slot (Peek-a-boo Canyon)
Silhouette of family under arch at Red Canyon Slot (Peek-a-boo Canyon)

Before visiting Red Canyon Slot there are some things you should know:

  1. NEVER enter a slot canyon if there is a chance of rain! Check the weather in a 20-mile radius before visiting! Flash floods can happen FAST and can be extremely deadly!
  2. Be prepared with extra water and plenty of snacks to keep you fueled! And don’t forget sunscreen! The desert heat can be intense and it’s best to be prepared.
  3. Have emergency items in case you get stuck driving to the slot canyon or get hurt along the hike.
  4. Download maps before you go. Cell service can be spotty.
  5. Do NOT write on or damage slot canyon walls and please practice Leave No Trace Principles while visiting.
  6. Don’t turn around too soon! This slot canyon has many instances where it opens up and you may think it’s over, but it’s not. Keep going until you can’t go anymore. The rock walls of the canyon come together at the end and you physically cannot go further.

What Else is Nearby Red Canyon Slot to Visit?

Since Red Canyon Slot (Peek-A-Boo Canyon) is located between Kanab and Orderville, there is a huge list of incredible places to visit nearby.

  • Kanab has a wealth of activities and must-see outdoor spaces! See our Kanab Guide for more!
  • Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park is very close to Red Canyon and well worth a visit!
  • East Zion is located nearby and a good entrance for visiting Zion National Park without huge crowds and lines!
  • Orderville is a fun town to visit with Thunderbird Restaurant, rock shops, and another slot canyon that requires only a one-mile hike, Red Hollow Slot Canyon.
  • Mt Carmel Junction is a fun stop that features Belly of the Dragon and the nearby Sand Caves and Moqui Cave Museum.
  • Bryce Canyon is located only a little over an hour from the turnoff to Red Canyon Slot.
  • Lake Powell and Page, Arizona are also only located about an hour and a half from the Red Canyon Slot turnoff.

Red Canyon Slot is not a place to be missed! With its towering red rock walls, long canyon, and history, it is a fascinating stop to add to your Southern Utah Bucket list. It is also close to East Zion, making it a great pitstop on a Zion National Park trip as well. Our family thoroughly enjoyed our visit to this slot canyon and have ranked it among our top favorites in Utah!

Visiting Zion National Park? Most travelers want to visit the most popular sites and still avoid the crowds. We have a detailed itinerary that gives you a step-by-step game plan so you can get to the best places at the right times.


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